World Chart of Cannabis Use

You may remember the marvellous world map of cannabis use, from not long ago. Well I found some new data, and present you with this beautiful chart. Go Canada! And what is going on in Papua New Guinea, really? Some sort of sensible local control of the plant?

And why is Jamaica so low? Below ENGLAND! What the heck?


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11 thoughts on “World Chart of Cannabis Use”

  1. I’m not realy sure, I mean… half the people I know (at least) smoke it, so I dont believe 2% of mexicans smoke pot… i think they just keep it to themsleves, it’s a big social issue here.

  2. I really doubt the validity of these results. How does one measure the amount of people who use cannabis? In countries where cannabis use is a pretty big offence (a lot of countries) and in countries where cannabis isnt socially accepted (all countries) people are going to be less open about their history with cannabis.

  3. These numbers are just what they know about, the figures are much much higher, as are the populations. 😀

  4. We grow some sick shit in Canada. It’s funny, the second best weed in Canada and it’s largest bust ever recorded was about an hour’s drive from the Capital, Ottawa.

    I remember when one month after I moved out there in a town called Almonte, there was a convenience store that got raided. All it sold was munchies and weed. I started chilling with one of the co-owners about a year and a half later lol.


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