A week in weed

Businessweek (Yes, Businessweek!) have a blog about mbas for starting your own mariuana dispensary. Courses are listed here. Higher learning ha ha. Norml have an article which explains how cannabis use (even long term) has little effect on brain function according to new data. I stumbled across a story in Malaysia about four people being … Read more

A week in weed

It’s been an interesting few days in the world of marijuana. The dutch, in further right wing clean up measures are going to get rid of their ‘no toking signs’ to discourage children from taking up the habit. Reasonably sensible I guess and hopefully this means you can now toke everywhere 🙂 Motherboard has a … Read more

Good riddance Press Complaints Commission

It is great news to hear that the press complaints commission in the UK is being closed because it is dysfunctional. The guys over at http://clear-uk.org/ have been writing letters of complaint regarding the representation of cannabis in the media for example in the hate based ‘newspaper’ the daily mail. Perhaps now these complaints might … Read more

Medical Cannabis in the UK – the European back door

If you haven’t been watching the developments over at peterreynolds.wordpress.com then you probably should. A very enterprising Brit has brought medicinal marijuana back into the UK from Holland after having it prescribed by a dutch doctor. He even called the airport in advance to let them know, yet he walked through a deserted customs in … Read more

UK Denying Patients Sativex Treatment

All over the UK, sufferers of multiple sclerosis are being denied a highly effective cannabis based medicine sativex that has taken eleven years to produce. Here are some examples: Oxfordshire Wigan The South Yorkshire What the hell is going on? Medical marijuana isn’t even an option for these people. They spend ELEVEN YEARS making a … Read more

Want to help make a BBC documentary about weed?

Hi, Do you smoke cannabis regularly? Maybe you cook with cannabis? Do you use cannabis for medicinal purposes? Have you registered for the new spray, sativex? Are you a female cannabis user? Perhaps you’re trying to give up cannabis? Whatever your story we are interested in hearing from you. Pioneer Film and Television Productions are … Read more