How to make hash with weed, water and a jar

. . . I recently came across a very interesting and simple way to make hash in the excellent book ‘Hashish‘ by Robert Connell Clarke. It’s a basic method of water extraction, introduced to the world by ‘Sadu Sam’. It involves water, coffee filters and not a lot more. I have scanned it in for … Read more

Where’s the bloody hash?

Where’s the bloody hash? I had an interesting morning today. I got up from my extremely tolerant girlfriend’s side, and slunk into the lounge  to partake in a saturday morning smoke, before grabbing a bit more sleep. Something I  do a lot. It’s nice. The previous night had been a very pleasant one with some … Read more

Memories of Manali

There’s some great hash in India. As well as plenty of other amazing things. If you are a toker, however, then you are going to want to check it out. I have fond memories of hanging out in a great little place called Vashisht, above Manali in the Kulu Valley. I went there for 5 … Read more

Why I love hash so much

Here’s a picture of what I have mostly been smoking this week. Not too bad – definitely some impurities in there though. Given the choice I generally buy hash as opposed to weed. I do enjoy weed – but not skunk. I still buy it from time to time though. When I want to go … Read more