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I’d love to help you out. I have been writing about cannabis for over 10 years, it’s a complete passion for me.

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My articles have been referenced by the likes of mic.com and alternet.org as well as other authority websites. I can also supply original cannabis photographs.

What do you know about this anyway?

I have traveled to some of the most prestigious weed destinations in the world, including Manali in India, and Nepal, and I have lived in 8 countries.

I am a cannabis smoker and I’m pretty sure it’s been a completely beneficial thing for me. I haven’t however smuggled cannabis across borders like other more heroic characters. Well, not in large amounts anyway. I’m just a regular smoker – 30 years pretty much non stop. I get my shit done though.

More recently I have spent 10 years growing indoors and outdoors in Spain learning how to grow cannabis using both organic and hydroponic methods.

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