How to travel through airports with cannabis

by dope smoker on October 14, 2019

I have seen a few guides about the best way of doing this, most of which look like they have never been written by anybody who has actually taken weed with them through an airport.

This is not a ‘shove it in your pants’ type article, it is written from experience.

This method has been tested several times flying from a popular Spanish airport into major London airports several times with no problem.  It works brilliantly for small amounts of weed.

If flying into the UK you should also be aware that back in 2014 it was announced that border guards would not arrest passengers with small amounts of drugs.

It’s just far too much trouble for them.

1. Look like you are entitled to be doing what you are doing.

This is one of the most important aspects of travelling with weed. If you can’t manage this then you probably shouldn’t bother in the first place. Don’t look scared.

If you have any sort of fear going on, it’s going to come out and make you look suspicious and then before you know it you’ll be in a cubicle having an anal probe.

It may help to remind yourself that what you are doing is not wrong, and, importantly, they’re not looking for your quarter of weed, which generally they are not. You are completely entitled to do what you are doing, the law is many many years behind. These kinds of things.

2. Grind the weed up first and double seal in bags

Let me explain the logic here. You cannot avoid putting some bag through a scanner, so when you do you may as well have everything looking completely normal to the eye.

Grind your weed into a powder, and then, put it in a sealable smell proof bag, twice.

A bag in a bag

3. Insert package into Thermos flask

So now it’s just a case of getting your bag of sealed powdered weed into your trusty Thermos flask. Roll it up and gently push it into the chamber of the Thermos.  Thermos flasks have a powerful vacuum seal and also have a convenient place to put your small amount of herbs.

The point about this is that even with a super magic machine that can look through various materials, your weed is just going to look like some powder in a bag in a thermos.

It is not an unusual thing to put a bag of powder into a thermos. Coffee. Sugar. You see what I am saying? It doesn’t look like lumps of weed. It’s not going to attract any unnecessary attention.

It is also double sealed, so any smells will be concealed. So when you have double sealed your weed also, you have a double double seal. What could possibly go wrong? Not a lot.

Believe me, this actually works. I have walked past airport police dogs in London with weed in my bag just like this with absolutely no problem.

The humble Thermos flask is your friend

4. Check it in

Yes, now just put the flask in your checked luggage and when you get to the airport check it in and then you can immediately relax as your bag will go through to the plane without problem.

No point whatsoever in trying to sneak stuff past the security you have to go through to get on the plane. Far too difficult.

Once you have checked your bag in if it only has weed stashed inside this way the chances of it not making it through to the aeroplane are absolutely infinitesimally small. (Just don’t travel via Russia.)

You can now enjoy the rest of your journey safe in the knowledge your weed will pop out at the other end of your journey without a problem.

How ridiculous that you have to go to such ridiculous lengths to guarantee yourself a little comfort at the end of a flight. Things are changing though.


There has been an explosion of CBD products appearing on the market in recent years. One cannot be blamed for being somewhat bewildered by the huge array of formats, brands and options.

Which CBD oil to buy is a difficult decision to make, especially as you are going to be putting this inside your body, you need to be certain that you are not consuming any sort of toxic substance whatsoever.

There is also the recent survey to take into consideration, which found that many CBD products sold online, or even on the high street, did not contain the CBD that they were labelled as containing. Buyer beware.

Whilst CBD is a relative newcomer to the cannabis scene, cannabis seeds and breeding are not, and two of the longest standing cannabis seed banks sell their own brands of CBD oil, so they will be my first recommendations.

Both of these companies have well established seed brands so you can rest assured that you will be getting the best possible product.

You’ll be able to see from the reviews that the products do their job, so make sure you check them out. All of these oils are ‘full spectrum’ so contain a diverse set of cannabinoids along with the CBD. They contain very low amounts of THC so will not have any ‘stoned’ type effect from use.

The third company ‘Hempelf’ are new on the scene however have very quickly become well known and respected for their range of CBD products and CBD bud itself.

They sell an extensive range of CBD oils, waxes, creams and edibles that come with the highest possible recommendation including oil from the highly rated Swiss company, Kannaswiss.

Sensi Seeds CBD Oil.  2.75% – 30ml

Sensi Seeds CBD oil is sold as a food supplement which is based on cannabidiol.

Each bottle of 30ml Sensi Seeds CBD oil has approximately 825mg of CBD (Cannabidiol).

Their full spectrum extract is created from hemp plants grown within the EU, completely avoiding the addition pesticides or herbicides, so that a safe product of the absolute highest quality is made.

Dutch Passion CBD Oil. 5% 15ml

Dutch Passion’s CBD Oil has been tested at 5% CBD (Cannabidiol) and comes mixed with hemp seed oil. Known as CBD Compassion Extract, this CBD oil is available as a dietary supplement.

Dutch Passion uses CO2 extraction for the creation of their oil, so it is 100% solvent free.

The oil contains other cannabinoids such as CBC and CBG, and will definitely not give you a high feeling.


Kannaswiss 6% CBD Oil. 10ml

KannaSwiss are one of the leading Swiss producers of CBD. Their hemp is created using organics and is tested in Switzerland by an external laboratory.

Their array of CBD products are now being used worldwide thanks to the unique hemp extract varieties of KannaSwiss.

Congratulations to the dedicated farmers who are responsible for growing and harvesting the excellent KannaSwiss organic hemp.


How to buy weed online at Cryptonia Market

by dope smoker on October 10, 2019

This is a guide to ordering weed online to the UK at Cryptonia Market. Please read all the instructions carefully and you will soon have some beneficial herbs being delivered through your letterbox.

If you’d prefer here is a guide to buying cannabis online at Empire Market. There is not a huge deal of difference, once you’ve bought your Bitcoin both are pretty quick processes which will probably take you less than 420 seconds.


1. Go get your Bitcoin

You might already have your coins ready in a wallet, in which case go to number 3 and continue down from there. If not, you will need to go and first buy some Bitcoin from somewhere like Coinbase or Local Bitcoins.

2. Download and install Electrum.

Get your own private Bitcoin wallet set up so that you can receive Bitcoins from Coinbase and then send them on to your buy when you are ready. Do not send Bitcoins directly from Coinbase to Cryptonia.

3. Go and visit Cryptonia

Cryptonia is an established market where you can find the extremely business-like ‘Radarbreeder’.

He has a very extensive selection of cannabis buds as well as hash, shatter, edibles and oil for sale.

Radarbreeder is also uber-reliable and has built up an excellent reputation over many years on Dream Market, Alphabay etc.

You’re in safe hands with this man.

Sign up to Cryptonia with a Tor Browser using this Tor link then log in to the market and you will see the welcome screen as shown below.

4. Create Your Account

Once you have created your account (which takes seconds) you may wish to adjust the currency of your account to GBP, which can be done in the ‘settings’ section. This will set UK pricing so you can see the correct prices.

Next click on the ‘Products’ link at the top of the page shown above.

5. Find Radarbreeder

Now you can use the search box on the left hand side to find Radarbreeder’s profile. Just enter ‘Radarbreeder’ and press search.


A list of his products will appear – now under the vendor column on the far right you can click on the first listing that says ‘Radarbreeder’ (circled in red, see below) and this will take you to his own profile page where you can see all of his products and feedback.

From this profile page (shown below) at the top right there is a small box which has a drop down menu if you move the mouse over it.

Under here you will find a link saying ‘view vendors listings’ this is where you can see the entire selection of available products, and there are a few!

From this stage it’s a simple matter to browse and select your desired product.

6. Place Order

Once you have found what you want to order select your desired shipping option from the drop down box and then click ‘place order’.

7. Make Payment

At this next page you’ll need to enter a refund address in order to proceed. Just open up your Electrum (or otherwise) Bitcoin wallet and click on ‘receive’ and copy that long address. This protects you if something goes wrong.

Once you have put your address in the space, click on the ‘Pay with Bitcoin’.

This will take you to a page where you then must enter your shipping address details.

Do this very carefully indeed and then press the ‘confirm’ button when you are ready.

You will now be taken to the the final screen where you will be given a Bitcoin address to send your payment.

Do this immediately and make sure you have the fees turned on in your wallet to the maximum (see below) when you send to make sure the payment is sent as quickly as possible. This will ensure the smooth running of your order.

Should the above signup link to Cryptonia not work for any reason here is a list of Tor links to a selection of mirrors for Cryptonia.

(this entire list redirects to tor .onion links – they will not open in a normal browser)


Please get over cannabis being used outdoors

by dope smoker on October 9, 2019

The Chamonix Valley in France, home to many skiers, boarders and climbers. Some who smoke weed.

As a keen walker and lover of the great outdoors it was with some interest that I read about the apparent shock and horror of people discovering that others are using cannabis on Ben Nevis, a mountain in Scotland, which also happens to be the tallest in the UK.

For goodness sake people. What exactly is your problem?

There is such widespread misinterpretation of cannabis use in the UK that now when ‘responsible’ straight people come across some cannabis lovers having a harmless dooby in the mountains that they have to go the lengths of speaking to the newspapers about it so they can convey their disgust and cast their judgements!

Ben Nevis in Scotland, scene of the audacious ‘crimes’

I suppose we must appreciate that large portions of the UK population must remain utterly brainwashed in regards to the many positive aspects of cannabis. And occasionally some people will still do silly things.

There are some basic facts, though, which should be pointed out to the people at the back that can’t quite get their unstoned brains around how these things work.

What straight people need to know:


1. There is no victim here

Somebody is having a smoke outside. You are not being affected by the smoke. Nobody is being hurt. Who is really creating the problem in this situation? You.

2. Cannabis connects you to the earth

What many straight people don’t understand about cannabis is that it connects you to the earth.

It makes you more aware of your environment, more appreciative of the subtleties of nature and what is going on around you. It can transform your experience of say walking through a forest into something that is beyond magical.

3. Cannabis can actually help you to walk for longer

It is well known that cannabis is now used by various sporting groups in the US, and it is a scientific fact that CBD is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory. My own personal experience has been that when I smoke cannabis I can walk far, far further in a day than if I was not using cannabis. It massively increases your endurance and can even make walking meditative.

4. Using cannabis at the top of a mountain is not irresponsible

If you know your way down the hill or are with others that do, this is not irresponsible behaviour. Far from it. It is a wonderful experience and others would do well to keep their noses right out of it.  Show some respect for other people’s right to alter their consciousness in a manor that they see fit. Alcohol is far more likely to land you in trouble up a hill, but of course, that’s all absolutely fine and dandy in the UK.

5. The great outdoors is the perfect place to use cannabis

Smoking cannabis in nature is one of the most natural things that you can possibly do. It is the perfect place. The fresh air, beautiful views, vibrant skies and waving trees. It all goes hand in hand you see. Cannabis enhances these things and extends the moment beyond the ordinary. Straight people will never even come close to fully appreciating the complete wonder of this, unfortunately for them.

6. Mind your own business!

Yes. It’s really none of your business if somebody is having a dooby up a mountain or in a forest. Get on your way and reserve your misplaced judgement for somebody else who is actually creating harm. Someone is simply smoking a plant outside in nature and relaxing. Move along and get on with what you should be doing. They will not bother you.

You can smoke weed and still do sports

I remember a time in Spain when I had walked up a peak with some friends, a mountain over 3000 metres high, which conveniently had a chair lift to carry us up part of it.

The walk wasn’t too tricky, and when we got to the top of the mountain, there were various groups of people resting around the summit.

High in some Spanish mountains
One of them was a mountain biker and to the astonishment of folks around him he lit up a lovely smelling spliff and smoked it all up before zooming head long down the mountain on his steed at well over 40 miles per hour.

Gasps emerged from those that saw him leave.

Really no big deal.

The facts are: Some mountaineers smoke cannabis. Some snowboarders smoke cannabis. Some climbers smoke cannabis. Some skiers smoke cannabis. And some mountain bikers smoke cannabis.

One guy is even cycling around the world stoned. Somehow, he has not died yet.

Reserve your judgement.


When will we see legal cannabis Australia wide?

by dope smoker on October 8, 2019

When you think of countries similar to Australia, four countries probably stand out from the rest. The US, UK, Canada and New Zealand are very similar in a lot of ways. They all predominantly speak English as their first language, most of their citizens enjoy a high standard of living, and their cultures are often comparable.

Although Australia is filled with desert, and Canada filled with ice, all five countries share a lot of similarities. Is cannabis one of these similarities however?

Following worldwide trends

Out of the 193 countries in the world (give or take depending on who you ask), only two countries have recreational cannabis legally available to purchase; Uruguay and Canada.

This number jumps to three when including countries that have successfully passed laws to follow this. Luxembourg recently became the third country to pass these laws at a federal level. This number jumps up again when you consider various relaxed interpretations of the laws, such as in Spain, Netherlands and South Africa.

Although not quite there yet at a federal level, The United States is currently seeing individual states legalize at a record breaking rate. Almost a third of the population lives in states where recreational cannabis is now (or will be) legally accessible. This third still dwarfs the populations of both Canada and Uruguay combined.

New Zealand is set to hold a referendum on whether cannabis should be legalized for personal use at the November 2020 election. Although previous opinion polls looked like it would result in legalization, recent polls are showing drops in support. There’s still over a year away however so anything could happen yet.

In the UK, with so much going on regarding Brexit, it’s not surprising there hasn’t been much mention of cannabis in parliament lately. Luxembourg announcing their plans for legalization will likely see an effect on other countries.

Although small in size and population, Luxembourg has a geographical advantage in Europe. It is neighbours with Belgium, home of the European Union parliament, and also neighbours France and Germany, two of the largest economies in Europe.

Comparing to Australia

Of the four countries most similar to Australia, two are home to recreational cannabis in some form and one has an upcoming referendum on the matter.  Luxembourg will be the first country to have fully regulated legal cannabis in Europe. (It is just tolerated in the Netherlands, however regulation is happening now though.)

Australia currently sits right in the middle, below Canada and the United States, but above New Zealand and the United Kingdom when it comes to general stance on cannabis.

The Australian Capital Territory, home to Australia’s capital city Canberra, just legalized recreational cannabis for personal use. These law changes come into effect in January 2020, and would allow individuals to use cannabis in private spaces, and also grow up to two plants. Labor and The Greens, who make up the majority of the legislative assembly, are in support of this. There are still a lot of legal hurdles to overcome before January 2020, however currently it’s looking promising.

The rest of Australia

The above is great news for residents of the ACT, but what about the rest of Australia? The ACT only accounts for around 1.5% of Australia’s population.

Currently cannabis is decriminalized in the Northern Territory and South Australia. This accounts for roughly 9% of the Australian population. The other 91% of the population live in states with varying degrees of punishment for use and possession. None are that strict when compared to Saudi Arabia, however are still quite strict when compared to Canada or California.

Ayers Rock in the Northern Territories

Do any of these states have similar political support for legalization as the ACT? Not really, but support is slowly growing. Canberra legalising recreational cannabis has set the wheels in motion for the other States and Territories. Canberra legalizing could do to Australia what Colorado and Washington did to the US back in 2012.

The future for Australia and cannabis

Probably not the answer you want to read, but, it’s hard to say. One point of certainty is that cannabis reform is not going anywhere. Should current proposals not pass, this will simply delay the process, not stop it.

Taking a guess, we’d say Australia will see legal recreational weed federally within the next 2 – 5 years. That still sounds like a long time to wait, but when you think about the war on drugs as a whole, the light is starting to shine at the end of the tunnel.


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