Spannabis 2019 Report

by dope smoker on March 24, 2019

Arriving at Spannabis for the first time is a bit like entering another world. Well, you are entering another world, for a few days at least. One absolutely full to the brim of stoners, and it is wonderful.

Even the hotel we stayed at near the event itself was packed to the brim of cannabis people from seedbanks to nutrient companies to grow shops, it seemed like every brand from the world of cannabis was there. Many thanks to Mark from Barney’s Farm for sorting out the tickets. Top man.

I even managed to grab a quick chat with the Cheese man himself, Big Buddha (below).

A very interesting conversation, during which he noted that -whilst everybody was going a bit crazy over Kushes at the moment, this is something which is prone to change, with another strain in vogue sooner or later. He believes (-and I have to agree) that the Cheese reaches cannabinoid receptors that perhaps some others don’t, making it a little bit special.

As well as all the well-known brands, there were some less familiar ones. Only in Spannabis will you find a group of attractive ladies dressed as nuns promoting cannabis lube.

There were some excellent marketing tactics at work here, the ladies in nun suits draw people in, once you are in range they offer you a sample, then seconds later your lips are vibrating like goodness knows what as you giddily hand over your debit card. That was roughly what happened I think. That was Oh Hail Mary.

There were so many stands, so many people, so many seeds, so many bongs. We spent a couple of days going in and out of the venue and think we saw pretty much everything. Everybody we spoke to was friendly, relaxed and happy.  We saw no trouble whatsoever.

A visit to an extremely well-equipped cannabis club in town meant that we were OK for weed for the few days there, although there were some lovely people at the venue giving out actual buds here and there. Thanks for that.

Royal Queen Seeds definitely get the award for having the most ostentatious stand. A huge thing, which advertised their daily website visitors.

There was an amazing amount of freebies and such like being given out all over, and there were even a couple of dutch maidens wondering around with baskets of free rizlas.

We especially enjoyed visiting the Super Sativa Seed Club area, an old seedbank that has recently been brought back to life, it was great fun chatting with the guys there who had an awesome stand and some utterly gorgeous samples.

They have been preserving some very special genetics for over 20 years. Thanks to Bram from Dutch Passion for letting us know about them.

It was fantastic to meet the beautiful Mariana from Sweet Seeds in real life and also good talking with relative neighbours Pete from Original Sensible and Huan from Kannabia.

If only every single day could be like Spannabis.

Apparently, several CBD companies didn’t attend because of warning letters sent regarding the recent Spanish ban on CBD products. This is quite ridiculous considering that people were just openly smoking weed through the venue and surrounding area.

Check out this well put together video below from Barney’s Farm which nicely captures the essence of the event. Looking forward to next year already!


Conduction Versus Convection Marijuana Vaporizers

by dope smoker on February 15, 2019

The death of traditional smoking methods has been long overdue since the global healthcare community finally brought awareness to the long-term consequences of these vices. Marijuana users have found alternative means to consume cannabinoids and the primary way to enjoy THC in this marijuana vaping era.

New consumers may struggle to differentiate the fine details and specifications of the multitude of vaporizers promoted within the industry. This article’s purpose is to specifically aid customers in understanding nuances in heating methodology. There are currently three popular ways to heat one’s herb including convection, conduction, and hybrid technology.

Convection heating involves the indirectly heating the herb material by sending a stream of hot air that allows vaporization of the substance. It is considered the best way to heat flower, as it completely avoids potential contact between the marijuana and the oven, and therefore never causes combustion. This warming method is typically utilized in top of the line desktop units such as the Volcano. The use of convection heating always results in superior vapor quality, and cool, tasty clouds.

Additionally, most users report there is better conservation of the herb with convection style heating, and this results in long-term savings since dry herb can be costly for frequent consumers. There are some portable dry herb vaporizers that utilize convection heating such as the Boundless Tera, and as a rule of thumb, these types of units are usually higher end products.

Conduction heating is the more popular method of vaporization, and it involves direct contact between the heat source and plant material. Most portable vaporizers favor this methodology since it came out first in the market and it tends to be simpler for users to operate. Conduction heating does allow for the highly exact temperature control and also is able to produce decent quality vapor.

As an added benefit, many of the units utilizing this warming technology are very affordable such as the infamous Pulsar APX V2. It is usually recommended for users new to vaping to start with a simple conduction-based portable vape, and work their way up to using more complicated products (aka desktop units) such as the Arizer Extreme Q.

Lastly, there is a new wave of vaporizers arising in the industry which utilize hybrid heating. If a device is stated to use hybrid technology, it simply means that the device utilizes both convection and conduction heating elements. The purpose of using hybrid heating is to try to lessen the possibility of combustion, optimize the flavor and quality of the cloud, and to make it easier for users to handle by minimizing all the parts involved in pure convection heating.

Unlike solely convection based units, hybrid models tend to have better battery life as well. Hybrid heating methods will probably continue to increase in popularity, as many consumers want the best of both worlds. Currently, one of the highest selling hybrid vaporizers is the Mighty.

In conclusion, learning all the aspects of vaping may be confusing to consumers, but it is important to at least understand heat methodologies. Convection heating is indirect contact, and allows for the purest, most delicious vapor but the units make require more user attention.

Conduction is direct heating; it is the most typical warming method found in the majority of portable vaporizers, and lastly, there is hybrid technology which is a fusion of both heating processes.


Where to buy CBD Buds in the UK

by dope smoker on January 29, 2019

buying cbd buds at hemp elf

What are CBD buds?

Quietly, shops have started selling CBD rich hemp flowers which look exactly like normal cannabis. This was news to me until recently.

These ‘CBD Buds’ are not actually created from the cannabis plant, but they look exactly like weed.

They have been grown using the hemp plant, and bred to contain other beneficial cannabinoids apart from THC. When you smoke a joint, it’s not just the THC that affects you, so what has happened is ‘legal’ cannabis has been developed using hemp buds. (As they have very low levels of THC.)

Buds without THC?

Yes no THC. So the effects are going to be different to cannabis. However, the effects are not fundamentally different. The cannabinoid CBD which is present in large amounts of hashish is present in this bud, and that in itself has a diverse range of medical properties, so these types of bud are actually ideal for people looking to reduce anxiety. Something many medical users are looking for in cannabis.

There are many other cannabinoids in the cannabis plant as well as THC, and these all have marvelous and unique attributes themselves. Here’s just a few.


If you tried skunk and found it all a bit much then this very different approach to cannabis might just work for you. Also you don’t have to smoke these flowers. You can vape them, use hashish, oils, whatever. It’s a whole new world of cannabis products, just without the THC.

Law Enforcement?

The authorities have been allowing large amounts of these buds through customs, so no problems there so far. There have been absolutely no prosecutions for CBD flower, so it looks like the UK may have finally got access to a useful, legal cannabis product.

The problem here for the police is that there is no visual way to identify CBD bud from normal bud, so cannabis prohibition has become even more complicated and ridiculous than before. Ho ho. Sorry Mr. Rozzer. I get the feeling a lot of police time could be wasted with these type of products. Perhaps it’s time to call it a day now chaps?

I understand that in Switzerland the police actually have on the spot testing kits that they can use to test for THC, and you can even get hold of these in the UK.


The Swiss have been using this type of CBD bud for many years and it has been available to buy labelled as ‘tea’. It is mostly (but not universally) Swiss companies who are now wholesaling this product to UK vendors, or indeed supplying customers directly.

Some of these products now making their way around the world are created using Dinafem’s seed ‘Dinamed’. This is actually cannabis, not hemp, with virtually no THC and is being sold openly in Italy and Switzerland as low THC hemp. It is cannabis.

Because of their minuscule THC levels these products come under the umbrella of industrial hemp, and remain legal in the UK. Spain has recently made a ban on CBD products but they remain available in the UK and the rest of Europe. If the continuing political deadlock in the UK is to continue, there’s hope CBD bud won’t even be discussed within the next few years. We can hope. Stocking up could be wise!

Calming Down Cannabis

Some people are using CBD mixed in with their strong cannabis to make it more user friendly. Because CBD has calming properties it has the ability to change the cannabis high and remove any paranoia or edginess.

It has actually been found to be antipsychotic in studies, believe it or not.  It can allow you for instance to be able to focus on a book if mixed with a more THC laden bud that may not allow this because of the euphoric effects of the THC.

Where to buy CBD buds

Most of the UK companies seem to have their pricing at around £10-12 per gram, but it is possible to find CBD flower cheaper if you shop around. I found some at 2.5 euros per gram plus export taxes at a shop called Canvory which still ended up being a pretty good deal by all accounts.

Stores are popping up online all over the place and some bricks and mortar shops are even open in the UK and seem to be remaining open, for now at least.

Hempelf is one of the most highly recommended places to buy CBD bud online. They have huge amounts of positive reviews and they also sell CBD hash as well as CBD flower. They have very responsive customer service and a decent range of buds. Hemp Elf also sell CBD infused chocolate!!

Their Strawberry Kush strain is highly recommended.

The Good Budz are also well worth checking out and they also offer a decent range of flower.

Their Strawberry Ripple is well regarded as is their CannaBubble.  A good friend of mine recently tried the Strawberry Ripple and had this to say:

Upon inhalation, one’s senses are immediately engulfed in a delicious aroma reminiscent of strawberry ice-cream on a hot summer’s day. The effect reflects this.

Just as a day on the beach uplifts, relaxes and energises-so does strawberry ripple, leaving you imbued with a warm euphoric glow. Highly recommended!

The effects were much appreciated and were indeed better than some soporific cannabis strains that are available.

Another friend with AMS described the CannaBubble as the best thing she had ever had.  The only thing that has stopped her pain effectively, better than any pharmaceuticals.


With so much attention on the health benefits from CBD oil last year, researchers have discovered some useful applications for people suffering from illnesses. The heightened awareness across the nation was fueled in part by the growing number of states, that have legalized cannabis. Everyone is taking notice now and CBD oil is making national headlines in 2019. It a good thing too because trusted sources like the National Institute of Health (NIH), and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have done studies about cannabinoids and human health.

Let’s see where the most progress has been made so far, and what CBD oil health discoveries are just around the corner, in this new, pro cannabis era society.

New FDA Approved CBD-Based Medication for Epilepsy

In fact, the FDA recently approved the first cannabis-derived medication, that’s high in CBD, to treat severe Epilepsy called, Epidiolex. Before it was approved, the FDA conducted rigorous clinical studies, treating Epilepsy patients suffering from Dravets Syndrome, with Epidiolex. In 2019, Epidiolex is legal in the US, and can be prescribed by a physician, to qualified patients, and paid for by insurance. Many Neurologists are introducing CBD oil as an alternative treatment for Epilepsy, and helping their patients find relief from seizures, without debilitating side-effects.

How CBD Oil is Helping Opioid Addiction

Another benefit to mankind from the cannabis plant, comes from CBD oil’s ability, to help those suffering from opioid addiction. In 2016 a five-year study conducted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta MD, concluded that cannabinoid (CBD) does in fact help addicts deal with the symptoms from withdrawal, the number one cause for relapse. He also proved that CBD can become a long-term medication to manage symptoms of addiction including, depression and anxiety.

One state that’s putting this study to the ultimate test is Florida. Since 2019 the sunshine state has dealt with opioid addiction on an epidemic scale. Known as “the pill mill state” because of widespread prescription pill abuse by physicians willing to write tens of thousands of scrips, Florida needs a solution. Recent changes to medical marijuana legislation have opened the door to alternative treatments. Now the CBD oil Florida patients have access to is legal, and their treatments are supervised by a board-certified physician.

The most apparent example comes from Duvall County, FL where patients have a viable CBD oil program to treat Opioid abuse and addiction. These dedicated medical marijuana doctors in Jacksonville are proving that regular CBD oil doses, can get addicts through the grueling 5, to 7-day detoxification process.

“Some of our patients can overcome Opioid withdrawals just using CBD oil, however, some patients require additional help. In some cases, we simply supplement traditional treatments with CBD. The goal is to ween patients off the opiates, and onto a regular CBD regime. The results have been great, and a large percentage of patients can quit using the pills. Of course it’s not fool proof and some people relapse. Addiction is a relentless disease and it takes a lot of work to stay clean. But CBD is helping patients do that without any negative side-effects, which is why doctors like it as an alternative treatment”.

More Studies Being Done in 2019

This year is going to bring us results from many other clinical trials being done by leading researchers, and physicians on CBD oils effects on humans. Washington State University is planning a follow up study to the one concluded in 2018, showing that CBD oil can reduce pain and anxiety. These results made headlines, once the scientific documents were public. Their second study will dive deeper into these affects, and will explore different doses, in people with many conditions.

In fact, 30 states across the country have legalized cannabis for either recreational, or medical purposes, which has fueled the federal government to take a hard look into marijuana reform. The Trump administration just signed the Farm Hemp Bill into law, making CBD a legal commodity, like anything else.

That alone has eased tensions for more researchers to conduct studies of their own, without fear of prosecution. So, with all the advancements in patient care already achieved, 2019 should be an interesting year for more CBD discoveries and medical applications.


5 Ways You Can Consume CBD

by dope smoker on November 12, 2018

While anecdotal reports indicate therapeutic use and substitution for pharmaceuticals as the primary motives for hemp infused product use, many seem to overlook the fact that CBD is not restricted or bound to “ill health”. CBD (Cannabidiol) based products, have experienced a resurgence in many parts of the world during the course of the last few years and is hugely supported by individuals who embrace a Pro-Healthy-Ageing approach to well-being.

Cultivators and consumers alike marvel at CBD’s rich pharmacopoeia with an abundance of natural, organic and phytonutrients supplements, found only in pure, raw hemp extracts. The variety of products available today offers people more choices to find a CBD option and method of consumption that easily incorporates into, and aligns with, their individual health and lifestyle needs.

This is achieved with extractions that are manufactured and blended into oils, luxurious lotions, tempting edibles, and trendy vaporizers.

When being introduced to CBD, most people will lean towards a method that they are familiar with, can associate to and can easily incorporate into their daily schedules. Incorporating CBD oil into your daily diet (so to speak) need not be a daunting experience. For the Ageless has done all the homework for you. Now you simply choose whichever method suits you best.

1. CBD Oils


One of the main reasons people choose CBD oils is due to its versatility. Pure full spectrum oils tend to be thick and viscous with a typical ‘hemp’ flavour. CBD oil easily blends with carrier oils like coconut oil and can be added to, well, just about anything really! Whether you choose to have it in your tea, to spruce up brownies or just add a couple of drops under your tongue, you will be sure to find the right product to suit your individual, lifestyle needs.

2. Edibles


As mentioned, CBD oil is versatile and when it comes to culinary delights, the only thing missing will be your imagination. From peanut butter to brownies, CBD gummies, sweet treats and tea, are all on the menu. For this reason, edibles are ideal for those not too keen on the flavour associated with Hemp. Should you find your oil too thick for your pallet or a hassle to carry around, making your own capsules is a great option.

3. Sublingual


The word sublingual may sound complicated but is really super simple. All it means is it goes under your tongue. The absorption process is through the mucous membranes; the oil is absorbed by the capillaries in the mouth, before being swallowed.

This means the oil will bypass the digestive system and liver, allowing the compounds to reach your bloodstream quickly. Most CBD oils are available in dropper bottles, to ensure accurate dosing when administering oils sublingually. This is a form of administration commonly used for a number of supplements taken by millions every day.

4. Topicals


This method of application is widely used for isolated pain relief, and to address skin conditions. By interacting with cells that are nearby the surface, without ever entering the bloodstream you can still get the benefits of the oils without having to actually ingest them. Topical lotions and balms now form a part of many daily beauty regimes, especially for people who have sensitive skin.

5. Vaping


In an almost ironic twist, many (previously) drug-dependent individuals refer to cigarettes, as the gateway drug, as opposed to Cannabis! For those who had “quit” for the 10th time, CBD e-liquid was the game changer. CBD e-liquids contain CBD oil, infused with Vegetable Glycerine (VG), or high-CBD concentrates that come in a surprising array of flavours that range from minty fresh to chocolate butterscotch and vaporizers themselves, range in size from a desktop, plug-in powered units, to small, battery-powered portable pens.

CBD Is Not Psychoactive

These are the five most commonly used ways to consume CBD and from a health, perspective is a very safe way to consume cannabis. Smoking is not the only way to consume and in addition CBD does not make give one the feeling of being high. CBD is not a psychoactive compound, unlike THC, but supplies your body with many health benefits.

Time to Take Effect

CBD delivered sublingually or via edibles can take up to 2 hours to feel the many health benefits, whether you are looking for relaxation or as a stress reliever. Taking CBD orally can extend the effects of CBD for up to 4 hours too. Vaping CBD is a much quicker method of delivery, the effects are felt instantly as this method is highly bioavailable (increased absorption rate in your blood stream) but may not last as long as when eaten or taken sublingually.

CBD Gaining Traction

A CBD product called Epidiolex has recently been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and now vetted by a respected government organisation for the medical properties to treat rare forms of epilepsy and related seizures of patients. The many benefits of CBD are piling up through thousands of peer-reviewed studies that have been completed. Up to 2000 studies have been vetted on PubMed and we are only in the beginning stages of CBD to be approved as a medical and health supplement.

The benefits of cannabis are undeniably promising and many people are starting to turn to CBD as a way for better health and wellness. When used in conjunction with a healthy diet, CBD can benefit your immune and nervous system and bring your body back into a balance. When your body is in balance, you will feel fewer aches, pains, headaches and feel rejuvenated and energized.


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