Nowadays, cannabidiol (CBD) is everywhere you look, being added to a growing number of products. CBD is considered one of the most beneficial supplements able to help with everything starting from anxiety and stress to insomnia and various skin issues. 

CBD oil is also attracting increasing attention from the medical and mainstream media regarding its role in treating conditions associated with pain.

Articles evaluate the studies that portray the potential for supplying safe relief for people experiencing chronic pain. If you are subjected to chronic pain, you may be considering CBD as a potential treatment. But what exactly is CBD, and how may you benefit from taking CBD oil for pain and chronic aches?

What Is CBD?

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol, one of the active ingredients found in cannabis. This compound is obtained from the hemp plant, the cousin of the marijuana plant, and it is one of more than a hundred cannabinoids found in cannabis. 

However, CBD differs from the infamous compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), located in marijuana, as it does not cause a “high” in the user.

The non-psychoactive property of CBD means that it can be taken safely with no concerns regarding addiction or unpredictable emotional mood swings. The World Health Organization reported on the safety of CBD use, writing that “In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential…To date, there is no evidence of public health-related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.

So, How Does CBD Work?

Cannabinoids generate effects in the body by interacting with cannabinoids receptors, which shape part of the endocannabinoids system. The human body produces two receptors, and when CBD is absorbed into the body, the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the central and peripheral nervous systems are stimulated through the CBD interactions, influencing the serotonin levels.

CB1 receptors mainly coordinate movement, pain, emotions, appetite and other activities. CB2 receptors affect inflammation and pain. Here is where THC and CBD differ once more, as THC binds to CB1 receptors. However, CBD stimulates both the receptors to lead to the body producing cannabinoids, known as endocannabinoids. 

How Can CBD Help Chronic Pain?

There is growing scientific research that CBD could provide a new and safe treatment for chronic pain. Current research supports the positive effects of CBD in migraines, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, and other conditions where existing treatments are often not as successful as we would hope.

Science suggests that the commonality in these conditions, increased sensitivity to feeling pain (hyperalgesia) and a persistent state of high reactivity that lowers the threshold for pain (central sensitisation), suggest that a clinical endocannabinoid deficiency is a factor in the maintenance of pain in some people.

The role of the complex endocannabinoid system (ECS) is to observe and maintain many of our body’s vital biological systems, such as monitoring mood, appetite, pain sensitivity, sleep patterns and immune response. Its crucial function is to help restore balance to the body and to keep it in the best possible form.

The hypothesis is that the body becomes deficient and productive of pathophysiological syndromes (changes of normal physical and biochemical functions). Regular use of CBD may aid these syndromes by decreasing pain, improving sleep, and other benefits with CBD treatment and new lifestyle habits affecting the ECS.

CBD oil is becoming a popular potential treatment for fibromyalgia, a chronic disorder characterised by “widespread pain that is often accompanied by fatigue, depression, sleep disturbance, cognitive impairment, and digestive and urinary symptoms.”

The research suggesting that CBD benefits can help those who have fibromyalgia, although in its infancy, is promising. A 2019 study from Israel, evaluating medical cannabis therapy for fibromyalgia showed a pain intensity reduction. It concluded that “Medical cannabis appears to be a safe and effective alternative for the treatment of fibromyalgia symptoms.” 

Currently, due to the lack of controlled trials, NHS doctors can’t prescribe medical grade CBD or medical cannabis for fibromyalgia or other chronic pain conditions. However, the encouraging results from this 2019 study indicate that CBD may alleviate some of the symptoms in fibromyalgia. There are many current large trials further looking at the role of CBD in chronic pain conditions. 

How Can CBD Treat Chronic Back Pain?

Due to CBD becoming available in many forms, such as topical creams and ointments, there has been promising evidence that CBD may help for inflammation and neuropathy (dysfunction of one or more peripheral nerves). This factor may make the CBD products a wise choice for chronic back and neck pain. Unlike regular pain killers, the cannabidiol also does not need to pass through extra layers to reach the inflamed region. 

Research suggests that CBD may lessen chronic back pain through:

  • The reduction of inflammation;
  • Helping with sleep and improving the overall state of relaxation;
  • To combat anxiety, which may often be associated with long-lasting or chronic back pain.


Here’s a list of 9 places you can buy Bitcoin online.

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6. Local Bitcoins

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7. Bitpanda

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Cannabis prohibition is a fight of good against evil

by dope smoker on February 17, 2020

This is a fight of good against evil, let’s face the facts. Looking at the bigger picture, how can you describe a force, of whatever sort, that prevents people of the earth from harvesting and consuming the very crops that grow on their land as anything but evil?

A dark force that goes beyond even prevention in many cases, actually putting people behind prison bars, like murderers, amongst murderers, because they chose to grow or even just use this particular beneficial plant.

Breaking into people’s homes in the middle of the night like organised burglary squads, creating unnecessary terror, hunting people down like dogs. Sometimes even killing them. Just who the hell do they think they are? Who are we to even allow this to happen? Aggravated burglary, anyone?

Officers of the darkness about to ruin somebody’s life


Only the utterly insane could see this as a good thing for society. The psychopathic ones.

Cutting ourselves off from nature is cutting ourselves off from our very soul. The more plants we foolishly prohibit from our lives the more disconnected from nature and unhealthy in mind and body we become.  That way, madness lies.

How much longer are we going to tolerate this damaging evil bullshit?

How many more people are going to have their lives ruined by this corporate sponsored and totally unnecessary victimisation?

How many more children are going to be left to suffer with their ‘incurable’ illnesses because somebody else said they were not allowed the medicine that actually helped?

No, you can’t do that, sorry. Instead your child must endure severe pain and perhaps even death. Because we say so. And we can’t back up our side with science either. But you must comply.

Even if you don’t smoke it or grow it you can still become an unsuspecting victim of its evil prohibition, the dark tentacles reach far and wide.

Would the thriving child slavery trade even exist to the extent that it does if it were not for the entirely disproportionate prohibition of cannabis forcing the huge UK market underground for so many years? Uncomfortable questions for some no doubt, but these are precisely the sort of questions we need to start asking.

What other issues are quietly being affected by this never ending monstrosity?

Would our suicide rates drop if we completely legalised the cannabis plant?

Data from the US suggests that it would. See the blue line below. As well as lowering traffic fatalities. And creating millions in taxes. And freeing up vital police time to concentrate on actual crime where there are growing lists of actual victims.

If you think you live in a free country, plant some seeds of the healing cannabis plant in your front garden and see what happens to you.

How bizarre that we must fight for our right to use nature. How can a plant that makes so many people simply feel better still fundamentally be against the law?

We do not live in a free democratic country where people can vote on laws that actually affect them (that is merely a clever illusion) but more of a corporate dictatorship, run by powerful, evil overlords who happily profit from the suffering of others whilst the police do their dirty work.

It is beyond a disgrace.


Smoke Weed Everyday?

by dope smoker on January 27, 2020

Almost any of the great minds who choose to consume cannabis will usually in some way or form, have one warning for others amongst the many benefits: High doses without a few days break will only ever impede your livelyhood, demotivate you and fog your memory in the long term.

I have to be especially vocal about the benefits of the plant to reduce harm because right now I live in a country where the government actively tells people cannabis DESTROYS lives and somehow causes psychosis despite so much evidence for the contrary. Every day another user is put behind bars, a life efficiently destroyed for the benefit of the state.

People all around me hold unscientific and heavily biased views, creating a dichotomy between “stoners” and “sobers” which will only obscure the truth and impede legalisation (which if you don’t already agree should happen, has irrefutably reduced actual crime and reduced the harm of all drugs in society markedly)

But back to those “dangerous” daily high doses. No natural cannabinoid has been shown to have neurotoxic effects in humans. Any effects from consumption are temporary and don’t trust anyone who argues otherwise because there is no chemical mechanism to support that idea.

Even in people prone to hyperemesis from extreme use (vomiting unless they smoke pot) this side effect goes away ~3 weeks after the last inhale. Even in developing brains the evidence for any harm is not clear and exaggerated.

When you consume daily though, you will start storing CBD, THC, and THCV in fat deposits. CBD is extremely beneficial for almost anybody as it isn’t a drug, it doesn’t bind to (agonize) CB1 or 2 receptors directly, instead allowing the body’s endocannabinoids to bind easier. This is why the government can’t keep it prohibited on the grounds that it’s psychoactive, because it isn’t. Even bigots have to abide by the laws of biochemistry when drafting their oppression systems. CBD is our foot in door for full cannabis decriminalisation.

THC is first and foremost a CB1 agonist, and secondary a psychedelic. CB1 agonism is where THC replaces anandamide your body produces in the receptor, creating the wellbeing, sedative, pain relief and demotivating effects. It’s also psychedelic though, so will directly enhance creative thinking and immersion in any tasks you are performing. Unlike LSD or psilocybin, this effect is typically mild because CBD actively stops THC being absorbed into the receptors.

Almost all of the perceptual and long term pro cognitive effects of cannabis, come from THC. I repeat this a lot, but no one seems to understand: In the long term neither THC, nor other psychedelic use, causes manic psychosis in healthy adults or adolescents, a proven fact. Only in people with schizophrenia or other rare genetic differences is this a risk worth mentioning.

Even though I describe psychedelics as mania inducing drugs, this is only for the duration it is in your brain, you get too high one time? Just breathe and you’ll be back to normal in a few hours.

THC-V is produced in low concentrations when you smoke or vaporise weed at high temperatures. It is more potent at agonising the receptor and has stronger sedative, anti-insomnia effects than THC. If you smoke daily your body has to process more of this stored cannabinoid which explains the lethargic effect of ritual, daily smoking.

So what does this tell us? Depending on who you are you can almost certainly benefit from all 3 major cannabinoids’ effects. If it wasn’t for discovering the anti-insomnia effects of the plant I would have found 6th year and uni days impossible due to my chronic ADHD making a healthy sleep pattern impossible. I wouldn’t have been able to function during my lowest depressions if it weren’t for the relief I feel after a vape. If it weren’t for the pain relieving aspects of daily use many of my friends would not be able to leave the house.

If it weren’t for the anti anxiety effects of CBD many people I know would never have been able to pursue their hidden talents. If it weren’t for the recreational comfort using the plant brings, many people I know would be turning themselves into alcoholics. Hell if it weren’t for the pleasant smell of pot smoke filtering out a window, we wouldn’t get that instant feeling that somewhere, someone is having a good time.

But if it weren’t for the side effects I described at the start, the gradual demotivation, lethargy, confusion and memory inaccessibility that comes with high, uninterrupted THC use, I would be telling people it’s okay to use it every day. You’ll notice I’ve never advocated for that in my writings, not for anyone who doesn’t have a genuine medical condition (epilepsy, insomnia, chronic pain, cancer etc.) To think that any tool humans have discovered has only positive effects is silly.

Your brain, if you are healthy and usually somewhat grounded like me, is a genetic machine derived from the experiences of every human being in your lineage. It goes through natural depressions and manias according to your own experiences, where you feel like those traits hide and come out on their own accord.

When you take any drug, yes you are impeding or allowing those connections to work better. The number one myth about drugs is that just because they replace neurotransmitters they are distancing “you” from your natural processes, the direct opposite is true for psychedelics as they are more efficient than natural serotonin. Anyone who’s “felt more alive and more themself” than they had before taking them knows this.

The same is only half true for pot use.

Terence Mckenna, while introducing the west to traditional entheogen use advocated that people do as he said and not what he did when it comes to cannabis (he is famous for being one of the most vocal and heavy potheads in the world). He recommended people use it no more frequently than once a week, due to the negative effects compounding only after days without a break and the tolerance to THC.

He blamed his inability to moderate his use on his love for the effects, and the mild addictive quality to the softening of anxiety that the plant brings. I strongly think he openly used it every day because he wanted show an intellectual genius can choose to be a stoner and still appear 100% to anyone else. Say what you want about his later theories being too fantastical, his abilities and personality had no signs of diminishing even though he became more distant from society and his family (truly the two most beneficial yet damaging cages a creative person can be trapped within).

I’ve had the joy of figuring this out in just a few years of living in the pothead centre North East Scotland as an afro’d musician who dresses in paisley and wears bellbottoms. I am surrounded by amazing and well-meaning people who are open to new understanding and interpretation of age old issues, and but some of the attitudes towards pot use are outdated to say the least. I can only hope the mass media loosens it’s fiercely unchanging stance on psychedelic and cannabis derived drugs as some devilish taboo unworthy of daily conversation and celebration…

In the words of the great George Harrison

“Floating down the stream of time, of life to life with me
Makes no difference where you are or where you’d like to be
It’s all too much for me to take
The love that’s shining all around here

All the world’s a birthday cake
So take a piece but not too much
Set me on a silver sun, for I know that I’m free
Show me that I’m everywhere, and get me home for tea

It’s all to much for me to see
A love that’s shining all around here
The more I am, the less I know
And what I do is all too much

It’s all too much for me to take
The love that’s shining all around you
Everywhere, it’s what you make
For us to take, it’s all too much

It’s too much, it’s too much
Too much, too much, too much cake!”

By Finn Eamon



The recent legalisation of cannabis has brought much complete ignorance to the forefront of society, as well as a load of spin. With this in mind, I thought it a good time to write a simple cannabis guide for people who need education. A lot has been going on in the world of weed. We can’t ignore it any longer it is part of life on earth.

So, I hear you say:

Smoking cannabis is as bad as smoking cigarettes everyone knows that – it gives you lung cancer

Actually not. This is completely not the case, quite the opposite and don’t worry even celebrity doctors get this wrong too. The largest ever study done in the US on this very subject found that people who smoked only marijuana had less chance of getting lung cancer than those who did not smoke at all!

So – smoking cannabis does not cause cancer – it can actually prevent it. A more recent study demonstrated a lower risk of bladder cancer for those who smoke cannabis.

Having legal cannabis will encourage use and make it more available to children

No it will not encourage use. You cannot stop children and kids from wanting to experiment. In an ideal world you could but we do not live there.  We have to deal with reality. Teens in particular will do what they like. So what do you do? Let the criminals handle it, so your child will only be able to buy the very strongest and most tainted cannabis possible (along with the chance of some coke and pills like in the UK?)  This is a proven gateway effect, a direct result of prohibition. Before you say it, cannabis is not a gateway drug.

Or do we let them go to a dispensary when they are old enough and select from various options (many of them not capable of frying the brain) sold by nice people who know their plants –  which option would you want for your child?

The black market won’t die out overnight after legalisation of course – but this is the only possible direction to start reducing it.  Just like with alcohol, there will be moonshine for some time.  Remember, cannabis wasn’t always illegal.  Prohibition of cannabis is the failed experiment.

According to the updated Liberal Cannabis policies the new legal Cannabis markets, for example in Canada, any licensed Cannabis producers have to follow strict rules and procedures.

Legal cannabis will encourage crime

Legal medical cannabis reduces crime according to this study.  Not only that medical cannabis availability has also been linked directly to a reduction in suicides.  Still think cannabis is bad? You may have been brainwashed.

Cannabis makes people stupid

Actually it would appear that cannabis encourages the growth of new brain cells.

The whole thing about people being called ‘dopes’  is misguided. Whilst that person may appear to be dopey to you, they are taking much more information about their surroundings than somebody who is not high.  They have a higher sampling rate of life is all that is going on. Get over it.

A recent study has shown that cannabis users actually have better cognitive skills than people who don’t use it.

Alcohol is much better for you than cannabis and safer

Alcohol is technically a poison for your body ( more harmful than heroin), whilst cannabis acts as a medicine – particularly if you consume it raw. The facts of the matter are that alcohol can give you cancer and cannabis can prevent or even cure many types of cancer. Alcohol also causes other diseases.

Legal Cannabis will increase car accidents

Absolute rubbish.  The reality of the situation is that states that have legalised medical cannabis have seen a drop in in traffic deaths.

As well as that, a study by the Deutsches Ärzteblatt International, the German Medical Association’s official international science journal found that:

‘Patients who take cannabinoids at a constant dosage over an extensive period of time often develop tolerance to the impairment of psychomotor performance so that they can drive vehicles safely.’

All this ‘Medical Marijuana’ stuff is just an excuse right?

Yes many hold this opinion. Idiots all. Sure some people want to get in on it that aren’t ill but can you really blame them? It’s the most powerful medicine on the planet. Why shouldn’t people be allowed to use it in the way that they wish?

If you’re in any doubt as to the efficacy of cannabis medically perhaps you should ask Charlotte Figi’s parents about this. Or Rick Simpson. Or Kirsten Peskuski. Or Emmanuel Guzman. Also funny how the US government decided to patent something with no medical value wouldn’t you say? And now big money is involved too. The cat is out the bag. Official trials have begun on brain cancer patients. Cannabis is an amazing medicine.

Cannabis kills thousands every year

This is utter garbage. Pharmaceuticals kill thousands every year. Hundreds of thousands of Americans actually. Cannabis has never killed anybody in history. See if you can find a documented death due to cannabis consumption. You won’t because there aren’t any.  Even the DEA say that cannabis is safer than 10 potatoes. Yes really.

The UK have unsuccessfully tried to manufacture a couple of cases of cannabis poisoning now legalization is looming but few believe the reefer madness crap any more.

Only the other day a small 20 person study was taken completely out of context.

The mainstream media cannot be trusted to tell you the truth about cannabis.

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