The Cheese Grater is Your Friend


Graters are great.

The quality of the hash here it must be said varies enormously. Being a bit of a die hard hash smoker, I sometimes end up buying hash which is OK, but not fantastic.

This is the kind of stuff that doesn’t crumble easily, or soften very well when you burn it. It just kind of breaks up into smaller unmanageable lumps.

This is where the grater comes in. With this type of hash you can grate yourself a lovely pile of powdered hash, which is easily added into your joint.

The benefits of this are:

1. The hash burns more efficiently, as there is more surface area.

2. You do not get hash under your finger nails, stuck to your fingers, or callouses from handling hot hash

3. NO HOT ROCKS 🙂 – No more funny looking holes in your clothes and furniture.

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