Why I love hash so much


Here’s a picture of what I have mostly been smoking this week. Not too bad – definitely some impurities in there though.

Given the choice I generally buy hash as opposed to weed. I do enjoy weed – but not skunk. I still buy it from time to time though. When I want to go a little crazy.

I can definitely see how the long term effects of smoking skunk could send you mental.  After a few days on it I turn into a blob of jelly with no discernible brain function.

Hash on the other hand, I can smoke in the morning before I go to work – and nobody notices anything different. It is a joy.

One has to have some pleasures in life.

Normal weed I do enjoy – thai weed, african weed – though I do find that smoking weed all the time does get expensive.  Availability of decent weed does seem to have changed over the years, possibly down to the proliferation of the skunk market?

I can remember being able to buy great weed years ago that just made you giggle and laugh. You don’t seem to see much of that nowadays.

I think my favourite hash in either Manali or Afghani black – some of which I had over Christmas time. How glorious that was.  Beautiful soft oily stuff that created a fantastic stoned high that lasted. Unbeatable.