How far would you travel to get a smoke?


I really like to have some draw available to me at all times. Which is not always straightforward. Often it is, thankfully.

I lived in Northern Ireland for a while, near Omagh, and cannabis was scarce until I made some friends – I can assure you.

In the end I started traveling to Dublin – a journey of 112 miles. To get, like a quarter 🙂


I must have been desperate, I can hear you saying. And yes I was. Withdrawal from cannabis is not a fun thing for me. It goes away after about 4 or 5 days and then I’m fine – but those 4 or 5 days are not fun.

So 112 miles – not that marvelous in my opinion.

I did once fly from France back to the UK to have a smoke with my mate as there wasn’t anything around  – a distance of around 1300 kilometres.


Is that good?

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8 thoughts on “How far would you travel to get a smoke?”

  1. thats crazy i go like a half hour away & thats cause its free most of the time. but france? nice excuse but its too far away


  2. @dope smoker
    cool,same here! been living in Ire for 3 years, i still cant get a reliable source, i live south of the boarder, not too far tho, i go to Enniskillen fairly regularly, but i’m yet to find a safe reliable source. i CAN get it, but its not cheap and the quality varies greatly. i need someone i can rely on who isnt selling purely to make as much money as possible by ripping me off with 2g 8ths! desperate!

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