Basic Guide to Guerilla Growing

What is Guerilla Growing? Guerrilla growing is basically cultivating cannabis secretly in an outdoor location; this is normally in the wild and stealthy, as you want to ensure nobody will discover your plants. That means no busy public parks or well used pathways but somewhere like a clearing in a forest can make a perfect … Read more

What can CBD do for you? Here are 32 benefits.

1. CBD assists in the protection and healing of your skin. After marijuana was legalised for medical and recreational purposes, the cosmetics sector soon incorporated CBD-infused topicals. 36% of CBD users claim to the product’s ability to treat a variety of health issues. Fortunately, CBD oil has the same remarkable effects on the inside of … Read more

Why Are CBD Gummies Getting So Popular in the EU & UK?

They’re sweet. They’re chewy. But most of all, they’re infused with CBD to provide relief. With the sweet nostalgic tastes of childhood, paired with the sophisticated, much-needed punch of CBD, people are taking to stores and online dispensaries to purchase a bag. But this begs the question: Why exactly are CBD gummies so popular? CBD … Read more

Auto Skywalker Haze Report via Dutch Passion

Recent independent lab-test results revealed over 26% THC-levels on Auto Skywalker Haze, making this strain the most potent autoflower ever encountered to date. With genetics from Skywalker Haze and Auto Amsterdam Amnesia, this sativa-dominant cross is also one of the highest yielding autoflowers ever powered by Dutch Passion Seed Company. This quick grow report and … Read more

Delicious Seeds Sugar Black Rose Review

Sugar Black Rose

This has been one of the most remarkable strains that I have come across recently. Sugar Black Rose is one of the premium strains from Delicious Seeds, a highly respected Spanish cannabis breeder. According to the description on their website, it is a very strong Indica that has won a great deal of prizes around … Read more

Where is the best place to buy Cannabis Seeds for the UK?

Take a look at these highly recommended websites for buying cannabis seeds for the UK.  I can vouch for the trustworthyness of all these seedbanks. They deliver the goods professionally, and all these companies attract great reviews online. The Vault began in 2012 and has already earned legendary reputation in the cannabis seed industry, as … Read more

Sensi Seeds White Gold Review

The official Sensi description says: “Do you like to be creative? Then you’ll appreciate the hybrid effect. Some caution is urged however, since this cannabis strain has a high THC content, which can result in unwanted side effects in some people.” I certainly experienced no such side effects. This is an ideal strain for heavy … Read more