World Map of Cannabis Use

See also the World Chart of Cannabis Use.


I came across this wonderful map at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in their very interesting Cannabis Market PDF.

The darker red areas show where cannabis smokers (or as they call it ‘level of abuse’) are more than 8% of the population.

The data is relatively recent (2006-2007) and clearly shows that the US, Europe and Australia love their weed! (or hash)

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12 thoughts on “World Map of Cannabis Use”

  1. They have the signs backwards. That’s kind of stupid if you’re trying to make a chart look legitimate.

  2. get your facts right way more than that in the US smoke weed shit that 8% isnt even half of the people in the state of MN

  3. Hi Amanda.

    These facts are from the United Nations.

    I would agree they may not be exactly accurate for the US – but it’s the world picture here that this map is about.

  4. Kind of on a similar note, I’m creating a project to chart worldwide cannabis prices on a monthly basis and discover pricing and growing trends. It’s entirely user-driven and I’m just starting it, so there’s not much yet, but it will eventually be a really useful tool for cannabis research dealing with the economic argument. Please check it out (And submit strain data if you can!)

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