Colorado Gives Green Light to Online Cannabis Sales

Great news! The Colorado House of Representatives has given the green light to a bill allowing adults to buy cannabis online.

This fantastic move aims to support businesses that have relied heavily on cash transactions, which can expose them to criminal activity.

The bill, championed by Reps. William Lindstedt (D), Said Sharbini (D), and Robert Rodriguez (D), sailed through the House with a 40-23 vote on Saturday.

The groundbreaking legislation will remove existing restrictions on internet cannabis sales while introducing regulations to facilitate online commerce.

Retailers to verify customers

Adults aged 21 and over will still need to collect their marijuana products in person, but they’ll be able to conveniently browse and purchase electronically.

Retailers will be responsible for verifying the customer’s name and age during the online transaction, ensuring it matches the ID provided during pick-up.

They’ll also supply digital versions of all necessary warning and educational materials, which customers must acknowledge receiving before completing their purchase.

Sharbini emphasized during Friday’s debate that the bill aims to remove barriers for transactions, helping businesses move away from cash-only operations.

He added that as banks and regulations become more accepting, Colorado needs to stay competitive.

Lindstedt supported Sharbini’s point, explaining that the bill “keeps cash out of these businesses, letting them do these transactions online,” which offers both public safety benefits and improved efficiency.

The bill also addresses the issue of cannabis product delivery by eliminating outdated language from the statute.

However, delivery services have already been legalized under a measure signed by Gov. Jared Polis (D) in 2019, rendering the previous prohibition largely irrelevant.

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