Revolutionising Green Gold: The Race to Save Morocco’s Ancient Cannabis Seeds

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In the verdant northern regions of Morocco, a quiet revolution is taking place. The protagonists of this story are not political activists or social reformers, but rather a group of dedicated scientists from the National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA). Their mission? To safeguard the future of Morocco’s traditional cannabis seeds, a precious genetic resource … Read more

Germany’s Cannabis Law: A Step Forward or a Leap Backwards?

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In a world where the conversation around cannabis is shifting from criminalisation to legalisation, Germany’s proposed cannabis law has sparked a heated debate. The draft, recently presented by the German Ministry of Health, has been met with a mixture of hope and scepticism. The proposed law, while a step towards liberalisation, still holds onto the … Read more

The Winds of Change: European Parliament Takes Historic Step Towards Cannabis Reform

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In an unprecedented move, the European Parliament recently held its first-ever debate on cannabis reform. This marks a monumental step in the ongoing global conversation surrounding the legalisation and regulation of cannabis. The debate, titled “Legalisation of Personal Use of Cannabis: Exchange of Best Practices,” was co-sponsored by four of the seven main European political … Read more

Game Changer: Can Cannabis Shield Athletes’ Brains from Head Injuries?

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The Cannabis Craze Among Athletes Cannabis, the once notorious plant, is now gaining new popularity among athletes. With its legalisation in various US states, many athletes are turning to cannabis for its alleged benefits in pain management and stress relief. But here’s the kicker: recent research suggests that cannabis might play a role in protecting … Read more

Jersey Hemp Fights Back: A Battle for Fair Trade and Justice

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Jersey Hemp, a pioneering company in the cannabis cultivation industry, is standing up against what it perceives as an unjust directive that threatens its very existence. The company is considering taking legal action against the UK and Jersey governments following a law that restricts them from exporting their cannabidiol oil (CBD) products to the UK. … Read more

Epileptic Children Face Dire Consequences Due to UK’s Medical Cannabis Crisis


In a world where medical advancements are made every day, it is both heart-wrenching and infuriating to witness the plight of innocent children being caught in the crosshairs of bureaucratic red tape. Today, we bring to light a grave issue that demands immediate attention and action: the impending crisis faced by epileptic children in the … Read more

The intricate landscape of buying cannabis flower online in the UK

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The complex dynamics surrounding the purchase of cannabis flower online in the UK make it an intriguing yet challenging topic. As per current regulations, this practice is legally permissible only for individuals who have a medical cannabis recommendation from a certified healthcare provider. In the UK, cannabis still, in 2023, holds the status of a … Read more