The Magic of Geneva


I like Geneva. For many reasons – the main one being how easy it is to find a smoke.

The Swiss are pretty liberal when it comes to cannabis – their forward thinking attitude has meant that in many counties (cantons) of Switzerland, cannabis is not illegal.

The centre of Geneva is not huge, and if you follow the path going around the lake you see above you’ll find a small park, where you’ll find some guys selling hash. It doesn’t take very long normally. It helps to speak a little French but it’s not essential.

Just see who makes eye contact with you. They normally say something like “Tu cherche?” meaning are you looking. Just nod and you’ll be well away.

I’ve bought hash of varying quality here – pretty much always better than the usual stuff available in the UK, even in the quiter winter months. The guys do operate in daylight there too. The police are aware that this goes on, but they tolerate it and try to keep it contained in that one place. How very sensible.