UK Government Creates Tragic Cannabis Advert


The UK government seem to be demonstrating their naivety of cannabis more and more frequently.

Having changed the status of the drug wrongly, and against advice they have now released what can only be described as the most ridiculous anti-cannabis advert I have ever seen in my life.

A bunch of young guys running around a room with different words above their heads.

Highly imaginative stuff. Whoever thought that one up should be promoted to chief dick head.

Be warned – this may put you off smoking cannabis, if you are incredibly stupid.


Somebody agrees with me:

“Unfortunately there is also little evidence to show that mass media drug awareness campaigns have been very effective, or effective at all, even if they can serve the political need of being “seen to be doing something.”

Apparently this campaign cost a mere £2 million. Paid for by the public whilst in the shadows the UK government are secretly growing and exporting cannabis. The hypocrisy is stunning.

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5 thoughts on “UK Government Creates Tragic Cannabis Advert”

  1. Isn’t it?

    I think it’s outrageous the UK government are even allowed to do this crap.

    You wouldn’t see rubbish like this in other European countries, I am pretty sure.

  2. freedom of thought? self determinism? I just read a BBC news article about the advert in which it quotes one person and their family who speaks of the person showing attributes of a heroin addict, i.e. telling lies, stealing, not being a loving son anymore etc…
    The fact remains that for somebody whom has it within themselves/have been nurtured to be susceptible to these types of personality traits will in all likely hood acquire them anyway. Were the thieves of the 60’s thought of as thieves? Petty theft? Or is it this new super skunky shit that’s turning us into a population of ‘crack-heads’!? There are many people, like me, who lead successful lives and smoke. The question I ask: What would happen if we came out openly to everyone incl. the media and explained that fact? Would we continue to lead successful lives? or would we be subjected to the insane kind of bigotry and overt assumptions of moral righteousness that this advert lead the ‘main-stream’, non-smokers to rely upon for their affirmation. Goebbels at Nuremberg — 1934, read the following article:
    DISGRACE. (full-stop)

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