To sausage or not to sausage, that is the question


I’ve been lucky enough to be getting some really nice hash lately. It’s the freshest stuff I have ever seen in my life actually, even fresher than the Manali I had in India.

So lovely that you can roll it into a sausage shape, if you wish. This sausage method has been championed by many of my smoking friends, and it makes a certain amount of sense. But is it the best way to smoke this hash?

Below is a terrible picture I took of a sausage shaped bit of hash.


You get the idea. Roll it into a long line and just put it in your spliff.

The alternative is to break it up into small pieces and use that, something I think has equal merit or may even be a better idea.

This is because the scientists tell us that increasing the surface area of a substance generally increases the rate of a chemical reaction.

Having lots of little bits in your spliff is the the same as increasing the surface area of a chemical reaction, surely? And spliffs made with lots of little bits of hash will undoubtedly have more surface area (hash) than a sausage shaped bit of hash. Like this:


So I say no to the sausage for this reason.

Do you do the sausage?

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7 thoughts on “To sausage or not to sausage, that is the question”

  1. Having given this some further research I have decided that the best possible thing to do is to create a sausage, but then to break the sausage up into small pieces – for the greatest efficiency.

  2. im a keen sausage roller. simply because if you have fresh hash it can be painstakingly long to break the hash up into bits. also then if your rolling on the fly then you need it to be quick and easy. i have taken the sausage rolling technique and have changed it to suit. if you simply roll 1 big sausage for the whole spliff then it doesnt allways burn properly and you have the danger of it breaking in several places, however if you roll several smaller sausages then then can be placed slightly overlapping each other. simples!

  3. I love a bit of nice hash, I never touch soap bar. Where in London is this stuff sold? Do you think it would be primarily in West Asian communities? Just guessing because of the source of soft hash is usually west asia-middle east.

  4. Your guess is as good as mine on that one. I got some nice squidgy from a portugese guy once. When I was in London it seemed to be getting rarer and rarer to find some nice hash – someone must have some though..

  5. Haha, I swear I repeat myself too much – ‘I like hash, not soapbar.’ I think I’ve said that like 4x on different posts. Memory loss! Tiss rare indeed.

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