Metropolitan police mistake diplomats home for cannabis factory

Once again the police terrorize innocent citizens in their search for the dreaded cannabis. This time they raided the house of the Nigerian High Commissioner in Hendon. Nice work lads. Read the story here. Unbelievable. This is not the first time this has happened. Let this be a warning though that the pigs in London … Read more

Daily Telegraph Advertises Cannabis Website

Imagine my surprise today when on the (traditionally conservative) Daily Telegraph website I found an absolutely huge banner for Weed World – a website aimed at, well, weed users. . . Looks like they are not really policing who can advertise on their website with Google Adense. Either that or they are taking a pro … Read more

Spray on Cannabis is coming to Europe

Spray on Cannabis is coming to Europe. Fantastic news for people suffering from MS, Cancer, Arthritis and other ailments. Do we need any more proof that this plant is a medicine? Made by a company called GWPharm there’s more details at the Times and National Post. According to NHS trials it “significantly reduced neuropathic pain, … Read more

Professor Nutt calls for UK cannabis review, suggests cafes

The heroic and recently sacked head of the UK drugs advisory body (ACMD), David Nutt, has called for a review of cannabis with a view to decriminalisation and even the prospect of opening up cannabis cafes. Nutt was sacked because the government didn’t like what he said. Read the story at the BBC. Recent news … Read more

Medical Marijuana Gets The Green Light

So – looks like Obama has done it. He’s stopping the feds going after medical marijuana users. Hooray! About time I say. There’s stories in the Washington Post, Guardian, New York Times and MSNBC. Of course, there’s always some village idiot who likes to position themself in the way of progress.  Unfortunately named Senator Grassley … Read more