How Cannabis Users Are Defying COVID-19 Odds in Hospitals!

A study was conducted to see if people who use cannabis and are hospitalized for COVID-19 have better outcomes than those who don’t use cannabis.

They looked at 1,831 patients admitted to two hospitals in Southern California with COVID-19. They found that of these patients, 69 were active cannabis users.

The researchers noticed that active cannabis users were less likely to have diabetes, and more likely to smoke tobacco than non-users.

Interestingly, cannabis users had lower levels of inflammation markers when admitted to the hospital.

The study found that cannabis users generally had better outcomes, such as lower severity scores, shorter hospital stays, lower ICU admission rates, and less need for mechanical ventilation.

When the researchers took into account differences in age, weight, sex, race, smoking history, and existing health problems, they found no significant difference in overall survival between cannabis users and non-users.

However, cannabis users still had lower ICU admission and intubation rates.

This study looked at 1831 people with COVID-19 who were in the hospital. They found out that people who used cannabis had less severe COVID-19 symptoms compared to those who didn’t use it.

Cannabis users had better scores on a test that measures how bad the disease is, spent less time in the hospital, and were less likely to need intensive care or help breathing.

The study suggests that using cannabis might help make COVID-19 less severe, but more research is needed to understand this better.

More Studies Needed

The study suggests that active cannabis users hospitalized with COVID-19 had better outcomes than non-users.

However, these results should be taken with caution due to the limitations of a retrospective analysis.

More studies are needed to better understand the effects of cannabis use in COVID-19 patients.

Considering that CBD seems to inhibit the COVID-19 virus, the findings mentioned above certainly carry some credibility.

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