The Dawn of Drive-Thru Coffeeshops in the Netherlands!

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In the heart of the Netherlands, a revolutionary concept has emerged, blending the convenience of fast food with the world of cannabis.

A new drive-thru coffeeshop has opened its doors, offering a unique experience that is set to change the landscape of cannabis consumption in the country.

This innovative venture is not just a first for the Netherlands, but it is also a beacon of change, signalling the advent of state-grown cannabis.

The Drive-Thru Coffeeshop: A Unique Concept

The drive-thru coffeeshop operates much like your favourite fast-food chain. Customers place their orders from the comfort of their cars and pick them up just a little further down the line.

This unique concept is not only about convenience but also about creating a safe and controlled environment for cannabis consumption.

The coffeeshop has garnered attention for several reasons. Notably, it is set to become the first outlet where customers can purchase state-grown cannabis, marking a significant shift in the cannabis industry in the Netherlands.

The Birth of the Idea

The drive-thru coffeeshop was born out of the Dutch government’s ‘cannabis experiment’.

A few years ago, the government decided to test the waters of legal cannabis cultivation. Ten pilot municipalities were selected for this experiment, where cannabis would be grown in specially constructed greenhouses.

The coffeeshop’s location, outside the city centre, was chosen to reduce traffic congestion in the area.

The drive-thru concept was a creative solution to serve customers effectively while mitigating traffic issues.

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Photo: Farzaad

A Seamless Experience

The ordering process at the drive-thru coffeeshop is a seamless experience, reminiscent of a fast-food drive-thru.

Upon arrival, a security staff member verifies the customer’s age by checking their ID. This step ensures that the coffeeshop adheres to the legal age limit for cannabis consumption, which is 18 years and above in the Netherlands.

Next, customers drive up to a large board displaying an array of cannabis and hash varieties, along with their respective prices.

After making their selection, they drive up to a pole to place their order. The payment and collection of the order are handled at the same spot, making the process efficient and straightforward.

No Smoking and Driving

The drive-thru coffeeshop is not just about convenience; it also emphasises safety. The coffeeshop strongly discourages customers from smoking cannabis while driving.

They provide customers with a flyer containing vital information about the effects of cannabis, the legal consequences of being caught by the police, and how long the active substances can be detected in the body.

This initiative underscores the coffeeshop’s commitment to promoting responsible cannabis consumption.

The Future of Cannabis in the Netherlands

The drive-thru concept is part of the broader business plan of John & Co, which is eagerly anticipating the legalisation of the currently illegal (but tolerated) purchase of cannabis. The quality of the weed is also expected to improve once its cultivation becomes legal.

The Netherlands has always been known globally for its liberal policies towards soft drugs. However, when it comes to the regulation of cannabis, there is still much to be achieved.

The drive-thru coffeeshop in the Netherlands is more than just a novel concept. It is a symbol of change and progress in the world of cannabis.

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