Advantages of Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds for Medical Use

Now that several years of intensive research has gone into developing improved autoflowering cannabis strains, the quality and diversity of available autoflowering strains has markedly increased. Now, many strains with THC content of 20% or higher are available, and there are plenty of varieties with a decent percentage of CBD too.

Patients suffering from a range of illnesses are now able to find strains of autoflowering cannabis that will benefit their condition. For example, people suffering from chronic pain, fibromyalgia or schizophrenia (among many other conditions) can benefit from a high-CBD strain such as Ruderalis Indica. This strain also contains relatively low THC, making it suitable for those who wish to achieve the medical effect without experiencing the “high”.

For individuals suffering from illnesses that respond to treatment with THC, such as Tourette’s syndrome, depression, and appetite loss secondary to AIDS or cancer, high-THC strains such as the White Haze Automatic are suitable.

Autoflowering cannabis strains have several advantages for medical growers: their rapid growth, short stature and low maintenance requirements make them easy to grow and care for, even for very ill individuals.

Although early autoflowering strains yielded harvests of poor weight and quality, newer strains have proved far more successful, and now many medical growers are beginning to experiment with them. As increasing effort is now being invested in the production of quality new varieties, we are likely to see an abundance of autoflowering strains becoming available.

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