Brexit disrupts UK Cannabis Seed industry and beyond

Brexit, the great destroyer has not overlooked the cannabis seed industry.

A huge part of the cannabis scene in the UK and Europe, things are not going to be the same as they were, thanks to Brexit.

New rules coming into play in March appear to make it impossible to legally import wholesale cannabis seeds into the UK.

Sanitary certificates will be required for all wholesale seed shipments, for one thing, so a great deal of UK seed sellers and wholesalers that are used to ordering in bulk from European seed breeders will simply not be able to do so in the same way.

And that is just the import side of things.

Ordering into the UK from say Spain as a consumer may not be as possible as you would expect.

Even now, the market is in disruption.

I spoke to an associate at Sensi Seeds in the Netherlands who (not officially) was under the impression retail orders going into the UK from them under a certain value of would not be affected, although it remains to be seen if this will be able to continue after the March changes. He did confirm Sensi  are in the process of getting their seeds certified.

Royal Queen Seeds are currently not sending seeds to the UK.

Other large seed breeders in Europe I have spoken with expect to be unable to send retail or wholesale into the UK from March.

Sweet Seeds are no longer shipping to the UK but expect to start again in the future.

The good news is the guys at the Vault appear to have some kind of plan in place to keep things moving.

Seedsman are also busy with changes you can read about here.

The point being, do not assume your usual seed source is available, as things are turned on their head at the moment with merchants scrambling to keep their businesses afloat while they wrestle with entirely unnecessary new charges and bureaucracy.

The UK is a big part of the seed industry and has been for many years, so changes will be felt around the world.

All this just after an outright attack on the Dinafem Seed company in Spain, a country traditionally known for its tolerance towards cannabis has turned the market upside down.


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