UK Border guards told not to arrest passengers with small amounts of drugs

I still can’t quite believe I am reading this: “Border guards have been instructed not to arrest travellers who bring small amounts of cannabis or other drugs into Britain, it has emerged. Official guidance to Border Force staff at ports and airports says no action should be taken against people found with “personal use” quantities … Read more

Changing attitudes to cannabis around the world – by country

A little research on Google just blew me away – we have a worldwide movement on our hands here.  It’s not just the US and Uruguay! Check out what’s been happening around the globe – country names link to further information: Argentina “Argentina has given the first sign that Uruguay’s groundbreaking cannabis reform just may … Read more

The problems of medical marijuana

On November 21, 42 days before Colorado’s first retail marijuana shops would open, federal authorities raided several marijuana facilities in Denver. It was the largest federal raid in Colorado since medical marijuana has been legalized. What are the problems concerning medical marijuana? The federal authorities did not give a specific reason for the raids and … Read more