Unforgivable Betrayal: BPNA’s Conflict of Interest will kill Children


The BPNA’s Unjustifiable Roadblocks

The British Paediatric Neurology Association (BPNA) has not just dropped the ball; they’ve effectively thrown it out of the park, leaving countless families scrambling in desperation.

Their guidelines, which insist that doctors provide 24/7 support for children prescribed medical cannabis, are nothing short of a travesty.

This isn’t just a bureaucratic hurdle; it’s a life-threatening obstacle for children who could benefit from medical cannabis.

And why? Because the BPNA has been lining its pockets with donations from pharmaceutical giants like Novartis, UCB, and GW Pharma. This isn’t just a conflict of interest; it’s a blatant betrayal of the very patients they claim to serve.

Full-Spectrum Cannabis Oil: A Beacon of Hope Extinguished

Full-spectrum cannabis oil has been a lifeline for families whose children don’t respond to conventional epilepsy treatments.

Yet, the BPNA has the audacity to oppose its use, citing a lack of randomised controlled trials.

This isn’t just conservative; it’s cruel. They’re effectively snuffing out the last glimmer of hope for families who have seen their children’s lives transformed by full-spectrum cannabis oil.

The BPNA’s rigid stance is not just scientifically unfounded; it’s morally indefensible.

The Shameful Conflict of Interests: A Death Sentence by Donation

Let’s call it what it is: The BPNA’s financial entanglements with pharmaceutical companies are not just a conflict of interest; they’re a death sentence for children who could benefit from medical cannabis.

The donations from Novartis, UCB, and GW Pharma are not just unethical; they’re potentially criminal. They raise serious questions about the BPNA’s motives and shine a spotlight on the dark underbelly of medical ethics in the UK.

This isn’t just about a conservative approach to medicine; it’s about life and death. And the BPNA has chosen to side with its donors over desperate families. And this is not the first time this has happened.

The Outrageous Silencing of Patient Voices

The BPNA claims to listen to patient voices, but their actions scream otherwise. Their zero-tolerance policy towards unlicensed medicines has forced families into the dangerous territory of illicit markets.

Crispin Blunt MP said the following:

“Children and many others are the real victims of this. Across a range of conditions, medical cannabis can bring symptom relief which is being held up as a result of this improperly conservative approach. There are questions to ask about the financial interests of the companies that have cornered the market and the BPNA.”

This isn’t just a failure of guidelines; it’s a failure of humanity. The BPNA’s guidelines are not just flawed; they’re fatally flawed, and they’re going to cost children their lives unless something changes fast.

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  1. Cannabis medicine is safe. To allow children to die by restricting access to it is completely unethical and unprofessional.
    This attitude needs to stop now!!!

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