Epileptic Children Face Dire Consequences Due to UK’s Medical Cannabis Crisis


In a world where medical advancements are made every day, it is both heart-wrenching and infuriating to witness the plight of innocent children being caught in the crosshairs of bureaucratic red tape.

Today, we bring to light a grave issue that demands immediate attention and action: the impending crisis faced by epileptic children in the UK who rely on cannabis-based medication.

The Crisis Unfolds

As many as 20 children with severe and complex epilepsy, which is often untreatable with standard medication, are now facing what can only be described as a potential death sentence.

These children have been relying on cannabis-based medicinal products (CBMP) to manage their condition. The medication has proven to be nothing short of miraculous, reducing the frequency of seizures from several times a day to once every few weeks for some.

However, a storm has been brewing. Dr. Nathan Hasson, one of only two prescribers of CBMP in the UK, is retiring. This leaves these children and their families in a terrifying limbo, with no safe or legal route to obtain the life-saving medication.

A Government’s Failure

It is outrageous that in a country as developed as the UK, the lives of children are hanging by such a thin thread. Medicinal cannabis was legalized in the UK in 2019, yet the government has failed to ensure that those in dire need have access to it.

The treatment is available on the NHS but is prescribed to a negligible number of patients. Many families are forced to shell out hundreds of pounds a month for a private prescription.

The government’s lack of foresight and action is appalling. How can it be that there are only two prescribers for such a critical medication in the entire country? And now, with one of them retiring, the system is on the brink of collapse.

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The Human Cost

Let’s not forget the human cost of this crisis. These are children with dreams, families, and a life ahead of them.

Their families have fought tooth and nail to give them a fighting chance at life. One such warrior is Marley Boulton, an 8-year-old girl whose life has been transformed by CBMP.

From being wheelchair-bound and having multiple seizures a day, Marley can now walk, run, and play with her friends. Her mother fears that without the medication, “all Marley’s progress and the vastly improved quality of life she has… will be undone.

A Plea for Action

This is a plea to the UK government, healthcare authorities, and all stakeholders involved. Lives are at stake.

These children and their families should not have to live in fear and uncertainty. It is imperative to cut through the red tape and take immediate action to ensure that these children have access to the medication they so desperately need.

We urge the public to stand in solidarity with these families. Reach out to your members of parliament, raise awareness through social media, and let’s make sure that the cries of these children do not go unheard.

In a society that prides itself on progress and humanity, let us not fail our most vulnerable. The time for action is now.

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