How CBD Oil Can Advance Patient Care in the US in 2019

With so much attention on the health benefits from CBD oil last year, researchers have discovered some useful applications for people suffering from illnesses. The heightened awareness across the nation was fueled in part by the growing number of states, that have legalized cannabis. Everyone is taking notice now and CBD oil is making national headlines in 2019. It a good thing too because trusted sources like the National Institute of Health (NIH), and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have done studies about cannabinoids and human health.

Let’s see where the most progress has been made so far, and what CBD oil health discoveries are just around the corner, in this new, pro cannabis era society.

New FDA Approved CBD-Based Medication for Epilepsy

In fact, the FDA recently approved the first cannabis-derived medication, that’s high in CBD, to treat severe Epilepsy called, Epidiolex. Before it was approved, the FDA conducted rigorous clinical studies, treating Epilepsy patients suffering from Dravets Syndrome, with Epidiolex. In 2019, Epidiolex is legal in the US, and can be prescribed by a physician, to qualified patients, and paid for by insurance. Many Neurologists are introducing CBD oil as an alternative treatment for Epilepsy, and helping their patients find relief from seizures, without debilitating side-effects.

How CBD Oil is Helping Opioid Addiction

Another benefit to mankind from the cannabis plant, comes from CBD oil’s ability, to help those suffering from opioid addiction. In 2016 a five-year study conducted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta MD, concluded that cannabinoid (CBD) does in fact help addicts deal with the symptoms from withdrawal, the number one cause for relapse. He also proved that CBD can become a long-term medication to manage symptoms of addiction including, depression and anxiety.

One state that’s putting this study to the ultimate test is Florida. Since 2019 the sunshine state has dealt with opioid addiction on an epidemic scale. Known as “the pill mill state” because of widespread prescription pill abuse by physicians willing to write tens of thousands of scrips, Florida needs a solution. Recent changes to medical marijuana legislation have opened the door to alternative treatments. Now the CBD oil Florida patients have access to is legal, and their treatments are supervised by a board-certified physician.

The most apparent example comes from Duvall County, FL where patients have a viable CBD oil program to treat Opioid abuse and addiction. These dedicated medical marijuana doctors in Jacksonville are proving that regular CBD oil doses, can get addicts through the grueling 5, to 7-day detoxification process.

“Some of our patients can overcome Opioid withdrawals just using CBD oil, however, some patients require additional help. In some cases, we simply supplement traditional treatments with CBD. The goal is to ween patients off the opiates, and onto a regular CBD regime. The results have been great, and a large percentage of patients can quit using the pills. Of course it’s not fool proof and some people relapse. Addiction is a relentless disease and it takes a lot of work to stay clean. But CBD is helping patients do that without any negative side-effects, which is why doctors like it as an alternative treatment”.

More Studies Being Done in 2019

This year is going to bring us results from many other clinical trials being done by leading researchers, and physicians on CBD oils effects on humans. Washington State University is planning a follow up study to the one concluded in 2018, showing that CBD oil can reduce pain and anxiety. These results made headlines, once the scientific documents were public. Their second study will dive deeper into these affects, and will explore different doses, in people with many conditions.

In fact, 30 states across the country have legalized cannabis for either recreational, or medical purposes, which has fueled the federal government to take a hard look into marijuana reform. The Trump administration just signed the Farm Hemp Bill into law, making CBD a legal commodity, like anything else.

That alone has eased tensions for more researchers to conduct studies of their own, without fear of prosecution. So, with all the advancements in patient care already achieved, 2019 should be an interesting year for more CBD discoveries and medical applications.

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