69 Remarkable Benefits of the Cannabis Plant

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Long term weed smoker here. Here’s the good stuff that I have found over the years:

1. Calming

Cannabis has always been a calming influence on my sometimes overactive mind. It allows you to tune out the crap and focus on what is important to you.

2. Healing

The herb has helped me to get over various illnesses as well as some quite traumatic life events. It makes you feel better and allows you to be in the moment.

3. Shown me another view

There is always another side to every story. Weed helps you to see that other side of things very easily.

4. Helped me forget

Some things you don’t want to remember and weed is definitely good for that if let it work its magic.

5. Helped me remember

Occasionally I get transported back to moments in the past and experience the feeling of a strong memory, almost as if I as actually there once again.

6. Helped me sleep

I never have problems sleeping thanks to smoking weed. It is extremely rare. I sleep well.

7. Helped me imagine

Cannabis without a doubt gives the imagination a massive boost and really allows ideas to flow.

8. Helped me create

Cannabis helps you to create in so many ways, from imagining to exploring new ways of making something, it allows free thinking creativity.

9. Helped me work

Weed has given me the stamina and resolve to keep going and going even when the going is bad, this plant has some incredibly beneficial properties.

10. Helped me to focus

With the right strain, you can achieve a hyper focus beyond anything the normal brain is capable of, perhaps with the exception of some mental conditions.

11. Helped me make a friend

There’s nothing like a fellow stoner. The pursuit of weed can bring you into contact with some very cool people.

12. Helped me to not give a shit

There is so much fear and worry projected onto us in the modern world. There is nothing like cannabis to help you see past all this rubbish and relax.

13. Helped me to care

Cannabis helps to create empathy, something apparently very lacking in so many people today. We need more of this.

14. Given me energy

Cannabis can be a great for simply giving you energy. Out of nowhere you can experience an energetic boost to help you through your day.

15. Given me drive

The right cannabis strain can give you an incredible amount of drive and staying power, that is without doubt. Its powerful anti-inflammatory properties are well known by athletes now.

16. Connected me to nature

Cannabis helps you to experience nature in a magical way that leads to connection and appreciation. Just try it and you’ll see what I mean.

17. Given me a deep appreciation for plants

Growing cannabis you soon realise what an incredible piece of nature you are dealing with and this has led me to a greater appreciation of the whole plant world.

18. Given me hope

Yes, in dark days, cannabis can lift you up out of the slump and even make you feel happy. It’s just the most remarkably effective natural antidepressant you can possibly have.

19. Healed a friend’s mums cancer

More than a few people I know have now stopped cancer in its tracks using cannabis oil. The empirical evidence is everywhere.

20. Made me hungry

Mostly this is a good thing – weed is excellent for the appetite which for some people can be a life changing necessity.

21. Made me talkative

Cannabis is often an excellent stimulant of conversation, anything is possible and you could end up on some strange and interesting journeys.

22. Made me think

Weed expands the mind and allows you to look at a wider picture than when straight. The mind is massaged in a most natural and beneficial way.

23. Made me relax

The ideal way to wind down, weed can be the ultimate relaxant. Sometimes it’s nice to have a proper couch-lock experience.

24. Always been a friend

I have never smoked any weed I did not like. Only ever loved a thousand different strains a thousand different ways.

25. Helped clear the air

An after argument a spliff is incredible for putting both of you on exactly the same wavelength. It is the perfect thing to share after any cross words. Then you realise how silly you’ve been.

26. Helped me see clearly

Cannabis can help you to see patterns, sometimes too much, but if used wisely it can help the brain to detect subtle patterns in your life and see the whole issue.

27. Made me less interested in consumerism

Without a doubt. Cannabis promotes satisfaction which is exactly what consumerism does not want us to be. Smoke some weed and it is laid bare for what it is.

28. Helped me through an illness

Cannabis has amazing medical properties and has definitely helped to reduce symptoms when I have been ill. And it has helped me to sleep through an illness.

29. Cured hangovers

I gave up drinking a few years ago but when I did drink there was nothing that could sort out a hangover like a reefer and a cup of tea.

30. Helped me give up drinking

Cannabis definitely helped me to stop drinking. It got me through the important initial difficult days and supported me long afterwards. For this I am eternally grateful.

31. Shown me beauty I could never have imagined

The enhanced colour and movement that can be experienced by cannabis is unbelievable. One of the most incredible things I have seen are the leaves of a huge picture of a tree brought to life, shimmering as if in the wind.

32. Inspired me

It is without a doubt that cannabis can inspire thought. Terence Mckenna puts it well: “It promotes a dreaminess, an imbibing of the imagination that is the stuff of romantic poetry rather than the stuff of the modern assembly line and I’ve used in that way as a tool for creativity”.

33. Taught me about myself

Cannabis does help to see issues with your own behaviour, as Bob Marley once famously said: “When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.” And he was completely correct.

34. Helped me to see patterns

Cannabis definitely makes pattern recognition (for me at least) easier whether it is looking at a screen of data or taking account of external events, it helps.

35. Helped me to be happy

This plant has without doubt brought me more euphoria and happiness than I could ever have believed possible. It is the ultimate natural mood enhancer and still surprises me.

36. Given me patience

One of the most useful aspects of cannabis is that it can show you how to be patient, if you use it wisely.

37. Made me inquisitive

Weed increases your interest in everything. Some things more than others obviously but cannabis definitely has increased my curiosity of the world.

38. Made me travel great distances

In days gone by I may have travelled internationally in order to get a smoke. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Trips can be fun.

39. Given me positivity

On days when I have been feeling low cannabis will simply just turn things round for me and send me on a different, happier path.

40. Given me empathy

I don’t know how this works but somehow I do believe that cannabis has definitely made me more considerate to the needs of others. I suppose it could be down to the increased awareness.

41. Soothed me

Cannabis has helped to smooth over a great deal of situations in life that are full of stress. Cannabis has given me peace and soothed my mind so many times.

42. Made me laugh

Some of the best types of cannabis can just make you laugh. How wonderful is that? A plant that bring hilarity, satisfaction and happiness.

43. Saved me from madness

Although it is obviously not a cure all, for many years cannabis did pretty much prevent me from going mad from isolation.

44. Made the mundane fun

Even going to a supermarket can be fun when you’re stoned. Cleaning up, housework can all be done without feeling the utter boredom.

45. Brought me joy and euphoria

Starting your day with a fat doob of Jack Herer in the morning makes your day completely fun, unexpected and spectacular.

46. Helped me be a father

There is nothing like cannabis for getting on the same wavelength as your child, fully engaging with them in whatever they are doing. For this alone, it is a beautiful miracle.

47. Made me content

Cannabis promotes satisfaction and if you smoke it a lot, you become quite satisfied, I believe. This can save a lot of money, amongst other things. (Apart from on weed!)

48. Stopped pain

Cannabis is a great general pain-killer of both physical and emotional pain. There is nothing more effective, at least, that has no dodgy side effects.

49. Slowed me down

Cannabis does give you pause for thought. And if you have a very strong strain that makes you sleepy, you can be literally slowed down.

50. Given me wonder

Cannabis can change a view from stupendous to majestically magical, and it’s not just the views you can see that cannabis adds wonder to. Music is also transformed and takes on a new level of beauty.

51. Opened me up

Being introverted, cannabis has allowed me to organize and express my thoughts more easily and to keep my whole brain in balance, helping enormously with social engagement.

52. Improved my relationship with my mother

Cannabis has given me extended patience which is always handy when dealing with your  parents, I find.

53. Never been a problem (when it is there)

Yes weed never caused me any problems. As far as I know. Perhaps it has but I strongly believe my life would have been very very different without it.

54. Helped me give up smoking tobacco

It would have been almost impossible to quit tobacco without some weed, for myself  anyway. It was hugely helpful in this process.

55. Made smells intense

Smells are definitely a lot more intense during a cannabis high. This is normally a good thing. 🙂

56. Made tastes intense

Eating food high definitely improves the whole experience. There is science behind why this is.  Beyond the munchies, even fruits can taste completely amazing.

57. Made touch intense

A fleeting touch without cannabis is just that, but with cannabis a touch can linger for long moments and can become incredibly intense if you allow it.

58. Made colours deeper and magical

Just looking at a sky or mountain scene with cannabis you experience much deeper and more vivid colours and often a real feel of magic of what you are beholding.

59. Helped moments to linger

One of my favourite things about weed is the ability it has to slow down time. In this fast paced world of materialism, we miss so much. Cannabis is an antidote to that.

60. Made me appreciate the earth

Spending time in nature with cannabis always feels good and does help to make you feel more connected to the earth.

61. Shown me my faults

The philosophical side of cannabis is fantastic for showing you the whole picture and sometimes this means showing you things you may not want to really see.

62. Helped me to see logic

Cannabis is ideal for allowing the brain to see different and more logical ways of doing something.

63. Helped me keep my temper in check

There is nothing like a spliff to stop you from losing your temper. It makes you question just how important your actions really are.

64. Made me think more

Without a doubt cannabis has led to much more deeper thinking than I would have experienced without it. The range of possibilities are endless when stoned and you visit some incredible places you would have never experience with straight thinking.

65. Killed my verrucas

I did manage to see off some verrucas once by putting cannabis oil on them. The transformation was incredibly rapid.

66. Enriched my life

Cannabis has taken me to go places in the world I would never have thought of going before and introduced me to some truly wonderful (and some magnificently odd!) people.

67. Opened my mind

As well as thinking more deeply cannabis opens your mind to a multitude of possibilities. It’s definitely increased my tolerance of others and made me less quick to judge.

68. Healed pets

I have seen CBD oil work miracles on cats who are suffering, it’s not just us humans that can benefit from cannabis. Even cats and dogs have an endocannabinoid system.

69. Improved my sex life

When you both appreciate good weed, sex can be elevated to another completely mesmerising dimension entirely. Who wouldn’t want to experience that?

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