How much is a weed plant worth?



So often now we hear another depressing headline:

Cannabis with a street value of twelve zillion pounds was recovered by the police.

Gosh, didn’t the police do well to get soo much weed. Or it’s:

£10 million of marijuana seized at port.

It’s an interesting idea to explore, the value of a weed plant. Or some weed. The BBC did a fab job of showing how much money you can make selling it.

The thing they – ie the police and authorities get wrong again and again is that they come across say 20 kilos of weed. Like this story for instance which just popped up in my Google news page:

So, according to these clowns, 20 kilos of weed is worth €200,000!

Oh no no.

All this is so wrong, let me explain why.

When the police work out the ‘street value’ of a drug, they work it out as if the entire amount of cannabis was all bought at the price it costs the guy on the street, which is, of course not how it works. Ever. (Unless of course it was legal!) It goes through middlemen first. And that changes the cost/profit situation somewhat. I have been one of these middlemen most of my life at some point. The people who keep this economy going. The person you get your bit of weed from.

So, in reality, how much is a kilo of weed? As in how much were these drugs really worth by uk standards? Well I have bought half kilos before, not many though. I remember nine bar prices many years ago (that’s 9 ounces, or a quarter kilo) in the North of England were as low as £250 for a bar of imported hash. And that was a long time ago too. And that’s imported – so say a grand a kilo on crap hash. Locally grown weed is not going to be that far different.

I think an estimate of £1-3k would be fair for a kilo of weed in the UK. I dare you to disagree. (Added – up to £5k apparently, for ‘Cheese’.)

Buying in bulk is so much cheaper when you know the right people. 🙂

So the Irish story – not what it appears – the cops found maybe £20k of weed. Not their utterly unbelievable story which would put the weed at a price of €10,000 per kilo!! Not that far off the price of a kilo of cocaine. Total fairy stories.

Does this deserve coverage by a major Irish newspaper? Absolutely no. But it helps to show what a marvelous job the police are apparently doing by so efficiently saving us from this terrible killer plant. Well done chaps. Keep up your good work. Work that will never ever ever end as long as you live. Sound good?


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4 thoughts on “How much is a weed plant worth?”

  1. the worst about it is that the street price of weed now a days is 12000 a kg because a 10 is 0.7 of a gram or less sometimes


    cheese 6 bags if your lucky
    amnesia haze 350 an oz dam food

    1.5g 20 pound
    0.7g 10 pound

    and if 1 of your mates grows it u might get a 2 grammer lol

    is getting fucked up killing the enjoyment of smoking bring bk 3.5 for 20 pound

  3. 10 pound = 1 gram
    20 pound = 2 – 2.5 grams
    25 pound = 3.5 grams

    u guys gettin ripped off come down south haa

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