UK Denying Patients Sativex Treatment


All over the UK, sufferers of multiple sclerosis are being denied a highly effective cannabis based medicine sativex that has taken eleven years to produce.

Here are some examples:



The South


What the hell is going on?

Medical marijuana isn’t even an option for these people.

They spend ELEVEN YEARS making a version of this medicine anyone can take then blatantly deny people access to it.

This is madness. Evil madness.

Even the Multiple Sclerosis Trust states:

“It is frustrating to learn that a number of PCTs are refusing to fund the medicine on the grounds that it is not cost-effective”.

Why are we causing people unnecessary suffering? I am disgusted. Again.

The MS Trust say they can help you appeal against a decision if you have been denied access.

And here’s a very well written article showing how this whole thing may not be quite what it seems.

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  1. dear d-s,
    there’s an article on the guardian about a top uk scientist putting fwd a plan to license and tax in california medical style or so. that didnt really make the news so hoping you could spread the word eventually,
    think about it please

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