‘CISTA’ cannabis political party launches in the UK


It’s wonderful to see more activism going on in the UK.  It is pretty obvious that the world is not going to sit on its arse whilst the US relegalises cannabis. Cannabis prohibition is cruel and downright uneconomical.

CISTA – what a fantastic acronym, stands for Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol – which it is, according to Barack Obama.

And according to a DEA judge, eating 10 raw potatoes is more dangerous than cannabis. So beware.

Facts that our politicians don’t want to face up to – the fat old men that run the UK keep their heads firmly buried in the sand all of the time. None of them have any kind of bollocks or serious leadership qualities.

As the rest of the world begins long overdue reform the UK is starting to look like an old fashioned shambles that doesn’t belong in the modern world. Hopefully CISTA can help to stop this by bringing the issue to the forefront and forcing some long overdue discussion.  You never know.  They say:

“CISTA is a new political party. In the General Election we will campaign for a Royal Commission to review the UK’s drug laws relating to cannabis. CISTA is for harm reduction. Join us today. Stand in May.”

There’s a write up in Vice, The Independent and the Guardian.

Good luck guys.

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