8 Things to remember when vaping dry herb

Using weed vaporizers like Exxus Vape are considered as one of the best ways to consume cannabis. Dry herbs are preferred by cannabis connoisseurs because herbs carry a lot of flavonoids and terpenes making herbs the perfect material for those who look for a truly rewarding and satisfying experience. You get to enjoy all the flavors and all the aromas native to cannabis. Another reason is that cannabis is as natural as it can get.

Wax concentrates undergo multiple processes of extraction that with poor extraction procedures, wax concentrates might contain traces of impurities and irritants that will affect your overall vaping experience. While many might see vaping dry herb as a delicate and a rather sensitive material, consuming dry herbs is easy and straightforward. When vaping dry herbs, here are 10 things you should remember to make the best out of your experience.

1. Grind your herbs.

If you’ve known an advanced smoker or vape user, you’d notice that one common practice of those who consume dry herbs and other botanical plan matter is grinding. Grinding weed allows them to break nuggets of herbs, stubborn leaves, as well as flowers. Breaking herbs into smaller pieces allows the herbs not only to cover better surface are but also to react better to heat. Grinders also save you the trouble of having to cut the herbs into finer pieces conveniently instead of using a pair of scissors or use your hands in the process.

However, ultimately, the goal of using a vaporizer is to collect pollen. Pollen or kief, is the resin glands of the cannabis plant and dry herb grinders are made to collect them. Pollens contain potent doses of various cannabinoids native to the cannabis plant and collecting these precious pollens allow you to kick your vaping sessions up a notch. What’s more is that these pollens are flexible sources of cannabinoids.

This means that they can be used using a wide array of applications. Most consumers use kief of pollen as sprinkles added to dry herbs when vaping. However, a majority of those who consume dry herbs also use pollen in baking cannabis-infused edibles, it can also be used on beverages where the heat of coffee or tea can activate the cannabinoids on the pollen. It can also be used as toppings when eating food like pasta or any other dish where adding this substance will feel right.

2. Use fresh herbs.

Buy from trusted and reputable establishments as well as dispensaries, these places ensure that the herbs you will use are kept in a place where the environment is suited for the storage of herbs. Cannabis herbs are sensitive and small factors like heat and light might affect the quality – let alone the longevity of these dry herb strains. Furthermore, dispensaries and head shops make sure that the herbs they sell are professionally tended. The herbs they will sell will oftentimes and highly likely to be fresh which ensures the optimum results when vaping these herbs.

Spoiled herbs or those that have not been stored or tended to carefully might give you unwanted problems especially they’re meant to be consumed – ingested or inhaled. Remember, anything that goes inside of you has the potential to harm you. Keep your herbs fresh.

3. Mind your temperature.

Many dry herb vaporizers, especially the high-quality ones, will have a means to control or alter the temperature, one way or the other. Variable devices will allow you to change the temperature setting of the vaporizer you’re using and when vaping dry herbs, temperature plays an important role. Herbs do react differently to the slightest change in temperature.

Certain varieties of cannabinoids are released and are extracted when the herbs are subjected to specific heat settings. Remember, the lower the temperature setting is, the more subtle and smoother the vapors are. The higher the temperature profile, the more potent the vapors become since the more active ingredients are released and are extracted into the vapor.

4. Choose the right heating style that suits your needs.

Different dry herb vaporizers have various heating styles. Some of the most common are convection and conduction heating styles.

Conduction vaporizers use a heated surface to transfer heat from the heating element to the herbs. Basically, it’s similar to frying an egg on a pan. The heat of the pan cooks the eggs an in this case, the heated chamber vaporizes the herbs. Using a conduction dry herb vape has its advantages.

One of the most important benefits of using a conduction dry herb vape is its fast heating times. This provides consumers who require on-demand results a befitting vaporizer giving them immediate access to the psychedelic and the therapeutic benefits of vaping dry herbs.

On the other hand, we have convection vapes. Convection heating vaporizers uses hot air instead of a traditional heated surface. Just like the convection ovens used by bakers, vaporizers also use hot air to effectively permeate the herbs for a more uniform burn. Having said one of the benefits of using a convection vaporizer is its ability to evenly vaporize your herbs without reaching the point of combustion.

5. Use the right inhalation method.

In conjunction with temperature and different heating styles, another thing to remember when vaping dry herbs is to use the right inhalation technique.

There are two known inhalation methods used in vaping, one is what we call mouth to lung or MTL and the other is direct lung or DL. Ideally, MTL makes for a more flavorful experience and is one of the easiest inhalation techniques as it closely mimics smoking. DL deals more with increasing the volume and viscosity of the vapor for longer drags and more visible clouds.

When vaping dry herbs both inhalation methods will have different effects giving you variety and suitability for what you need when vaping.

6. Pack your oven properly.

One way to maximize your herbs when vaping them is to pack your oven properly. It’s still connected to using the right heating style since having to pack your oven heavily depends on what kind of vaporizer you’re using. Furthermore, the consistency of how you grind your herbs is also connected to these two factors.

A fine grind packed loosely is best for convection vapes. Because convection ovens heavily depend on hot air for vaporization, a fluffy consistency helps vaporize the herbs better. Conversely, a conduction oven requires heavier consistency so the herbs must have volume in order to make contact to the walls of the oven.

7. Give it time.

Dry herb vaporizers take time to vaporize our herbs which simply means that they won’t easily produce vapors. Hence, we strongly suggest to give your device time especially when vaping moistened herbs. Giving the vaporizer time will allow it to yield substantial vapors.

8. Keep it clean.

Make sure to keep your vaporizers clean. This will not only benefit the longevity of the dry herb vaporizer but will also allow the vaporizer to faithfully preserve the quality of the herbs. An oven or an herb chamber that has resin and material buildup will rub off on the fresh herbs and will eventually ruin the quality of your select dry herb strains.

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