Please get over cannabis being used outdoors

The Chamonix Valley in France, home to many skiers, boarders and climbers. Some who smoke weed.

As a keen walker and lover of the great outdoors it was with some interest that I read about the apparent shock and horror of people discovering that others are using cannabis on Ben Nevis, a mountain in Scotland, which also happens to be the tallest in the UK.

For goodness sake people. What exactly is your problem?

There is such widespread misinterpretation of cannabis use in the UK that now when ‘responsible’ straight people come across some cannabis lovers having a harmless dooby in the mountains that they have to go the lengths of speaking to the newspapers about it so they can convey their disgust and cast their judgements!

Ben Nevis in Scotland, scene of the audacious ‘crimes’

I suppose we must appreciate that large portions of the UK population must remain utterly brainwashed in regards to the many positive aspects of cannabis. And occasionally some people will still do silly things.

There are some basic facts, though, which should be pointed out to the people at the back that can’t quite get their unstoned brains around how these things work.

What straight people need to know:


1. There is no victim here

Somebody is having a smoke outside. You are not being affected by the smoke. Nobody is being hurt. Who is really creating the problem in this situation? You.

2. Cannabis connects you to the earth

What many straight people don’t understand about cannabis is that it connects you to the earth.

It makes you more aware of your environment, more appreciative of the subtleties of nature and what is going on around you. It can transform your experience of say walking through a forest into something that is beyond magical.

3. Cannabis can actually help you to walk for longer

It is well known that cannabis is now used by various sporting groups in the US, and it is a scientific fact that CBD is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory. My own personal experience has been that when I smoke cannabis I can walk far, far further in a day than if I was not using cannabis. It massively increases your endurance and can even make walking meditative.

4. Using cannabis at the top of a mountain is not irresponsible

If you know your way down the hill or are with others that do, this is not irresponsible behaviour. Far from it. It is a wonderful experience and others would do well to keep their noses right out of it.  Show some respect for other people’s right to alter their consciousness in a manor that they see fit. Alcohol is far more likely to land you in trouble up a hill, but of course, that’s all absolutely fine and dandy in the UK.

5. The great outdoors is the perfect place to use cannabis

Smoking cannabis in nature is one of the most natural things that you can possibly do. It is the perfect place. The fresh air, beautiful views, vibrant skies and waving trees. It all goes hand in hand you see. Cannabis enhances these things and extends the moment beyond the ordinary. Straight people will never even come close to fully appreciating the complete wonder of this, unfortunately for them.

6. Mind your own business!

Yes. It’s really none of your business if somebody is having a dooby up a mountain or in a forest. Get on your way and reserve your misplaced judgement for somebody else who is actually creating harm. Someone is simply smoking a plant outside in nature and relaxing. Move along and get on with what you should be doing. They will not bother you.

You can smoke weed and still do sports

I remember a time in Spain when I had walked up a peak with some friends, a mountain over 3000 metres high, which conveniently had a chair lift to carry us up part of it.

The walk wasn’t too tricky, and when we got to the top of the mountain, there were various groups of people resting around the summit.

High in some Spanish mountains
One of them was a mountain biker and to the astonishment of folks around him he lit up a lovely smelling spliff and smoked it all up before zooming head long down the mountain on his steed at well over 40 miles per hour.

Gasps emerged from those that saw him leave.

Really no big deal.

The facts are: Some mountaineers smoke cannabis. Some snowboarders smoke cannabis. Some climbers smoke cannabis. Some skiers smoke cannabis. And some mountain bikers smoke cannabis.

One guy is even cycling around the world stoned. Somehow, he has not died yet.

Reserve your judgement.

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