They can shove the new clipper lighter right up their arse

Mr Clipper what have you done?

The original clipper lighter was a classic. It just worked. There was nothing wrong with it  at all. In fact, I would go as far as to say it was perfect.

Ever heard the phrase ‘If it’s not broke don’t fix it’?

For none clipper users here is a picture of the original clipper lighter in all its glory:


A lovely thing.

So what’s my issue with the new clipper?

It tears my ruddy fingers to pieces that’s what. I have to burn quite a lot of hash to sustain my preferred cannabis levels, so that means using a lighter quite a lot, actually and when I use a clipper it hurts my fingers. A lot.

Maybe this was some kind of evil plan to piss off hash smokers. If it was then well done, it has worked.

My love for the clipper has died a death.

There is a way of sorting them out though apparently. What a palava, like I’m going to do that.  I’ll just buy a different type of lighter.

Here is a picture of the new piece of poop they have created. Useless.


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47 thoughts on “They can shove the new clipper lighter right up their arse”

  1. the new clipper lighter is the biggest pile of non working crap i have ever had the displeasure of using, your a dik clipper and i will no longer be using this useless peiece of junk
    fukin discraceful spik gits, hope you go bankrupt very soon just for being so stupid

  2. I totally agree! What a heap of shit. Have just lost 3 Clippers in the last days and I’m not a bit sorry. Only redeeming feature is the handy poker – oh, and a perfect storm guard for a Silver Palm Leaf pipe.

    Otherwise, forking hopeless now – I am going piezo-electric after at least 25 years of Clipper loyalty.

    Didn’t Clipper used to have adjustable flame?

  3. yea some did pete, not sure if they were knock offs though. These new style clippers makes me want to throw them at people, even typing this my fingers are still sore, thats only from me tryin to relight my spliff, let alone as the article says burn some hash. I would love to know what twat thought this would be a good idea? well done clipper you have just lost another customer.

  4. These new flint wheels are a fucking pain in the ass..They get clogged up with residue etc and after about 3 days they dont fucking work!!!! unless you sit there and manually clean out every rung on the wheel with a needle or drawing pin.

    When i was younger you could buy a clipper and it would last forever (or until one of your mates taxed it lol)
    The original gas would last a lifetime and the flints were also at least twice the length of the flints now and mush more resilient.
    Also the new clippers flame goes shit after being refilled (unlike the old Clippers)
    so you again have top get a needle/drawing pin to clean the gunk out just to get it too work

    Clipper can shove their lighters up their fucking arses.I will never buy one again..fucking wankers..Im off to smoke a huge weed bong (with matches of course)

  5. The worst thing about this is despite hating them, I still manage to end up buying the fucking things when in a corner.

    And then hate myself for doing so when I find my fingers in pain again.

    Yes the person who thought this one up should have burning hot pokers put up their arse. And clippers, and perhaps a small, hungry and slightly irritated mammal.

  6. i just got a shipment of clippers here direct from the factory and they’ve all got the same wheels as in the original, i’ve actually not seen the one like the blue one with the fuked up wheel, maybe a knockoff?
    I don’t know man, they are still great.

  7. What’s wrong with you guys?
    Just use the flint of an old one!!
    You can still replace the flint, so what’s the big problem???

    The new flint system is there due to EU-regulations.
    It’s child resistant now…

    You don’t need to be too smart to just chnage the flint, do you?

    Clipper is still my No.1, no doubt about that.
    The ultimate lighter.

  8. Dpistick, it’s the wheels we are complaining about. Now, if you have saved your old wheels as I have you can change them for the silly new six sided ones. Enjoy.

  9. I have recently bought a chrome metal clipper ( no stupid wheel )and all I can say is WICKED !
    It works every time. It did cost a bit more but well worth it,you can pick them up for about £6 if you shop around.

  10. i find the flint wheel in the new clippers seperate and just dont produce a spark regardless of what you do the outer wheels spin and the flint wheel stays still

  11. take the thing out that u use for poklin down joints, unscrew the flint and remove itthen use a knire to bend the plastic to get the wheel out then put an old shape wheel in which you can find in most disposable lighters

  12. How about we get a mass law-suit against them for personal injury?

    On the “Original Cipper”: – It was adjustable. Not those ones with the little plastic tab; but with as nice, knurled, metal thumb-wheel.
    Over the years they have run a continual series of downgrades, removing features, replacing metal parts with plastic, and lowering quality.
    I used to be proud to own a Clipper; they were functional & cool.
    You could adjust them anywhere between “tiny flame” and “flame-thrower”; you could use them anywhere, indoors or out, and at any angle; they were a well-designed, durable, functional tool, and a pleasure to own and use – a lighter, not just a cigarette lighter. And they don’t even really do that now! Utter waste of money & thumb.
    Now it’s barely worth refilling them, the flame swiftly becomes so small that they are hardly useable & even more difficult to light – a waste of gas. Extended use of the flame knackers the lighter (even faster).
    The flint-wheels, even before they introduce the nasty, flat-sided, extra safe, secondary, child-proof feature, had suffered from quality reduction, and tended to split, so that the thumb-wheel does not turn in unison with the striking face.
    I too suffer with the destroyed fingers & thumb syndrome; it has increasing become an issue since child safety measures were introduced – reducing the ease of turning the flint-wheel, by making it much stiffer. Even before this, reduction in quality (as mentined above)and changes to the pattern & material of the striking face had made clippers much less reliable in lighting, through reduction of spark size and quality, and the effort needed to produce it.
    The comparative reduction in the price of a Clipper, against disposable, or other types, is more than offset by the loss of utility.
    I am no longer prepared to waste my money on them. For the money there are much better choices. In fact I’d rather have a piece of tacky disposable crud – no, I don’t mean a Clipper – One that works!
    On a final note – the reductions in quality and lifespan have made the product much less environmentally friendly.

  13. Thanks for the comment 11oo11.

    I’ve been thinking about this. Seems like Bryant and May would be daft do something to their lighters like this just for a laugh.

    Maybe they were forced into making their lighters shit by the government. That would make so much more sense.

    It looks like EU member states were affected in 1996. Fucking big brother.

    “In May 2006, the European Commission notified to Member States new requirements for the safety of lighters.”

  14. Actually I looked a bit deeper into this and it looks like the changes were introduced as a result of US studies. So we can actually thank America for screwing this up for us.

    “The US child-resistance requirement was introduced in 1994. In 2002 a US study on the effectiveness of the requirement reported a 60 % reduction in fires, injuries and deaths.”

    So based on some American ‘statistics’, the clipper gets it. So wrong.

  15. Totally agree! Have been crying about this myself for ages, dam wheels hurt yer fingers and then stop working before you know it? Bet it cost them a million euros to research this stupid change eh?

  16. best way to burn lots of hash is to light a candle m8, might not be ur cup of tea but I like it; I find it to be a more elegant solution :p Or just use a different type of lighter lol

  17. i stuck a clipper lighter up my arse, and cig in my shorts when i was arrested, so i could have a smoke in police cells. arrrrrrr those where the days……

  18. Just had a new clipper, fall to bits and stay alight burning my table! Good job i didnt chuck it in my back like i normally do!!
    What has happend to the once ‘perfect’ lighter and ive never used any other, but time to change i reckon!

  19. Not back! Bag i meant?!

    There is no casing for the flint anymore its just held in by the wheel, and this flew out with the flint and spring staying alight and making the metal red hot!

    Bring back the original design Mr Clipper!!

  20. Total fucking shite, i’ve had to replace the flint in my clipper 3 times in the past month and i aint refilled it yet. Either the new wheel design is responsible which is crap BTW or their flint source has changed to inferior product for cost effectiveness. In any case, im proper narked.

    Former clipper customer.

  21. Having been a Clipper fan for many years I was very disappointed to find, when re-stocking after my last spare was borrowed, as too often happens, the new lighters not only don’t bloody light reliably due to the crap angular cog instead of a wheel, the gas jet on the thing fails after the first use, sputtering then squirting gas with nothing in between. The flint hardly works either and the wheel design means you get a spark and THEN a release of gas. What a load of bollocks.


  22. That lighter might be popular in the U.K. but here in the States it is and always has been the BIC lighter.The ONLY change they have made is a metal clip thats supposed to make it idiot-proof.It takes about 4 seconds to remove that.Have been using them for 20 years!

  23. Light a candle with it and use that to ignite the lighter instead of the flint.
    And yes, I agree with you, they are shit, plus you have to strike them about twenty times to light them after a week or two, utter shite.

  24. Just swap the wheel with one from a disposable lighter, The wheel must be facing the correct way so If the spark doesn’t light the gas turn the wheel round the other way. Sorted 🙂

  25. And nevermind that, the fucking thing breaks when attempted to be filled with gas. I have a 7 year old clipper lighter that i use almost everyday and refilled it hundred of times. almost all the new ones broke and sprayed my face with gas on the first fucking refill attempt.
    fuck you clipper! fuck you very much.

  26. Clipper lighters are GARBAGE. I got it thinking I can refill it. I have to use that skin ripping wheel 10-50 times to get the piece of crap to light. How does a product this horrible ever make it to market?

  27. It was so good to stumble across this and see other people have shared my frustrations! Programmed obscelesence, they successfully invented a new flint wheel which dies after about 2 or 3 stones, a couple more if you’re lucky, maybe one less in unlucky.
    The realy giveaway is that the metal clipper still comes with the classic wheel…..

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