Sensi Seeds White Gold Review

The official Sensi description says:

Do you like to be creative? Then you’ll appreciate the hybrid effect. Some caution is urged however, since this cannabis strain has a high THC content, which can result in unwanted side effects in some people.”

I certainly experienced no such side effects. This is an ideal strain for heavy smokers

Smoke Report

I was lucky enough to get my hands upon some organic sun grown Sensi Seeds White Gold recently, and I am very glad that I did. A friend had grown this on recommendation for yield and quality, and it was a good call.

It’s definitely very strong weed – however, it is perfect for a wake and bake situation, stoning you to the bone but not to the point that you start to lose cognitive control and such like.

You might know what I mean when I say it’s one of those weeds that you smoke, and then don’t find yourself returning to the reefer for a while. A long while. So yes, as well as it having a delightful happy and functional stone, it also lasts.

Under the influence of this herb I was able to cheerfully clear a washing up traffic jam, which has been forming for a few days. Always a good sign for a smoke test.

If I’m totally honest it’s pretty hard to finish a full doobie (a single small rizla full of weed only) of one of these, straight off the bat, without putting it down for a break, or two.  So yes, it took me a few goes to get through my first of the day and it has certainly left me in a wonderful state of mind.

I found I could get through a normal waking day having only 3 pure doobies of this, which for me is not a lot. It’s difficult to consume large amounts although I would imagine that after a while you would start to build up a tolerance. Eventually.

Really very good indeed.

Growing White Gold

My friend grew the plant on his terrace and it performed well as far as yield was concerned it produced a similar amount of bud to to Sensi Power Plant.

There was plenty of flower on it, so seems like a great choice for outdoor (if in warm climates) or certainly indoor. There were no complications from seed to flower, it was an easy to grow strain too.

Sensi Seeds White Gold Product Page

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