Discover 14 of The Best Seedbanks that Ship to the USA. [2023]

If you’re looking to buy cannabis seeds, you need to know the best seedbanks that have a reputation for supplying quality and reliable products.

We’ve compiled a list of trusted Seedbanks that can supply marijuana seeds to the USA in order to help save you time and effort in your search.

1. Greenpoint Seeds

Greenpoint have supplied quality cannabis genetics to the USA since 2014. Greenpoint are one of the first seedbanks to be established in the US, with their heritage in Colorado. They even offer the chance to become a seed tester.

This is a genuinely US based seedbank who are well worth checking out. They also provide worldwide shipping. Seeds can also be paid for using cryptocurrency using the Coinbase app.

Visit Greenpoint Seeds.

2. MJ Seeds Canada

Established in 2009 MJ Seeds Canada has built up a reputation as a reliable and diverse seedbank.

Based out of Vancouver they ship their high quality cannabis genetics to the world. All orders placed outside Canada are processed in US dollars. They also accept Paypal and Bitcoin as payment options.

Visit MJ Seeds Canada

3. i Love Growing Marijuana

ilovegrowingmarijuana are very passionate indeed about growing cannabis.

As well as having their own cannabis grow guides and online discussion forum they have an awesome selection of cannabis seeds for sale.

You’ll also find they have great ratings on Trustpilot.

Visit iLoveGrowingMarijuana.

4. Original Seed Store

The Original Seed Store offers a huge catalogue of top cannabis seeds from around the world.

Claire and Pete are lovely people, you’re in safe hands with these guys, who have been in the game a very long time indeed.

As well as offering an enormous catalogue of seeds with stealth worldwide delivery they also have spent years developing their own line in seeds. Definitely highly recommended.

Visit The Original Seed Store

5. Seedsman

Seedsman are one of the oldest seedbanks to have been established in the UK.

They have built up an excellent reputation over the years and now even have a warehouse in the US.

Seedsman stock a huge range of feminised and autoflowering seeds, as well as having developed their own line of genetics.

They offer worldwide shipping and first class customer service. Multiple payment methods are accepted including Bitcoin.

Visit Seedsman.

6. The Seed Connect

The Seed Connect is a US seedbank, based in Arizona.

They have been sourcing cannabis seeds from around the world for 30 years. As well as offering high quality marijuana seeds for sale online, they also have a physical shop location in Tempe, AZ.

They have experienced and passionate staff who enjoy sharing their knowledge of the cannabis plant. Payments are accepted with the usual credit and debit cards and Bitcoin is also an option. These guys are well worth checking out.

Visit The Seed Connect

7. The Vault

George and the team at The Vault have built up an excellent reputation for friendly and superb customer service.

They have a huge range of feminized and autoflowering seeds from all the top names you’d expect to see and these guys give away lots of free seeds with their regular promotions. Highly recommended.

Visit The Vault.

8. Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds are a Canadian seed seller that have been in the business for a number of years.

They stand by their own brand of seeds and even offer an 80% germination guarantee, discreet guaranteed delivery and an excellent catalogue of cannabis seeds. Well worth checking out.

Visit Crop King Seeds.

9. Mary Jane’s Garden

Located in Vancouver, Canada, Mary Jane’s Garden offer a diverse catalogue of cannabis seeds, carrying some of the world most popular genetics.

Their delivery is worldwide and they can be relied upon to deliver your seeds in a professional and timely manner. They have been operating for over 8 years and accept card and cash payments.

Visit Mary Jane’s Garden

10. Rocket Seeds

Rocket Seeds have a massive selection of seeds including favourites in the autoflowering, feminized and regulars. They also have a germination guarantee.

Shipping is free over $200 and Rocket offer an express guaranteed delivery option for your seeds, with guaranteed arrival, and free re-ship if the package is somehow lost.

Visit Rocket Seeds.

11. Seed Supreme

Seed Supreme have made a big impact on the seed market and can be relied upon for exemplary service and intelligent stealth delivery.

They also operate their own loyalty scheme as well as including large amounts of free seeds with every order. They have a diverse range of seeds with all the top seed brands that you would expect to see.

Visit Seed Supreme.

12. Grizzly Seedbank

Grizzly Seedbank cater for both beginners and experts alike with their excellent selection of seeds and slick functional website.

On top of the usual payment methods the guys at Grizzly will also accept a variety of different cryptocurrencies as payment. Also highly recommended.

Visit Grizzly Seedbank.

13. Ministry of Cannabis

The Ministry of Cannabis was established in 2007 by a group of very experienced cannabis breeders that came together from other seed banks to create the Ministry.

They are now recognised globally for some of their outstanding strains, and offer a seed germination guarantee with rapid worldwide delivery.

Visit The Ministry of Cannabis.

14. Sunwest Genetics

Sunwest Genetics are a well established Canadian Seedbank with an outstanding selection of quality cannabis seed genetics. They also have a germination guarantee.

Shipping to the US and Canada is free on orders over $200 and cryptocurrencies as well as cash are accepted.

Visit Sunwest Genetics.

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