Indepth Autoflowering Cannabis FAQ

What are autoflowering cannabis plants?

‘Autoflowering’ cannabis is a relative newcomer to the world of cannabis seeds, with the very first seeds coming out only in 2003.

These plants can simply be planted and they will flower and be ready after around 70 days, making multiple harvests per year possible even in countries with colder climates. They also bring new possibilities to hydroponic growing.

They were created, it is believed, using crosses with a Russian cannabis Ruderalis plant. Because of the harsh cold and dark climate in Russia these types of plant have developed flowering properties which are not affected by light cycles. They are smaller than normal cannabis plants, however.

That was ‘Lowryder’ and in itself did not produce huge yields but that important breakthrough and years of breeding has lead to extremely productive and powerful autoflowering cannabis strains that bring a new dimension to cannabis growing.

Can autoflowering cannabis be cloned?

An autoflower clone – image:


Despite popular rumour that Autoflowers cannot be cloned, there has been some outrageous success in cloning auto flowering cannabis in 2016.

See this thread at for more information. The guys has created some monster clones from a Jock Horror Auto.

Other strains might not produce the same results, obviously.

This result does seems to have some interesting implications for interested cannabis growers.

Can you grow autoflowering cannabis in a greenhouse?

Weed in a greenhouse.

Yes indeed autoflowering cannabis can be grown in a greenhouse in the UK all year round, allowing you multiple harvests if you start your plants off say once a month.

To keep your plants going through the colder months you’ll want to keep the inside temperature to a minimum of 15 degrees.

You must also take steps to ensure that there is adequate airflow and ventilation at all times.


When does autoflowering cannabis flower?

60 Day Wonder. Image: DNA Genetics

The average autoflowering cannabis cycle is around 70 days after planting the seed to harvesting your buds.

This can vary though and some autos can even produce flowers in as little as 60 days for example ’60 Day Wonder’ from DNA Genetics.

Some autos can take longer – taking more towards the 90 day cycle, these are generally bigger plants, which are still unaffected by light cycles.

An example of a longer flowering auto would be something like the lovely Chaze autoflower. A wonderful crafting together of a Haze and Cheese plant, some of the nicest weed I have ever smoked.

When to start feeding autoflowering cannabis?

As a rule you should not give autoflowers any extra nutrients for the first two weeks if you are growing in soil. Only water.

To avoid problems I tend to use the lazy method of Biotabs, a simple tablet that you push 5cm into the soil and forget about.

If you are growing in say 20 litres pots then 2 Biotabs will be enough. Biotabs also come with several other organic amendments to enhance the soil bacteria.

Once flowering has begun is a good time to add some organic black strap molasses into your water. Just take a spoonful out of your jar, put it into a cup and add boiling water before adding to 5 litres of your main watering water.

Do this a couple of times 2 weeks apart once you see flowers starting to form. It makes the buds much bigger.

Which autoflowering cannabis has got CBD in it?

Dinafem’s Industrial Plant x Pure CBD Plant

Many varieties of autoflowering plants will contain CBD. Lately there are specifically created varieties.

Dinafem for example have a number of different autos that contain CBD.

They also have an autoflower plant specifically made to grow large amounts of CBD bud fast, known as Industrial Plant x Pure CBD Plant. Well worth checking out.

Sensi Seeds have some new strains from their research program that contain CBD.

CDB Med Gom is also a very highly regarded producer of CBD bud that autoflowers in just 65 days.

When can you grow autoflowering cannabis?

In the UK, generally speaking you can get away with growing between April/May and September/October depending on local conditions.

Obviously, we are living through changing weather systems, so your mileage may vary to some extent. As far as I understand, the bacteria in soil stops growing below around 15 degrees celsius, so bear that in mind.

Something else to consider, if you are keen, is that you can grow your auto(s) by putting them outside in the daytime and then bringing them inside for the evening dark period.

Doing this you could probably grow throughout the year, though with some effort. This also prevents night time theft or damage from nocturnal creatures.

What are the highest yielding strains of auto flowering cannabis?

Automazar by Seymour Buds.

See this article for some of the highest yielding types of auto flowering cannabis that I have come across personally.

A lot obviously depends on your personal growing skills, but genetics certainly will dictate the final result to some extent.

Hint: Use large pots for large yields.

And you may want to check out Jock Horror from Nirvana.

What is the best autoflowering cannabis?

Many people rate Dutch Passion’s Autos, as well as Dinafem’s. Sweet Seeds also make extremely good ones. And more recently Mephisto Genetics are gaining quite the following.

Some of my own personal favourites are the Magnum from Buddha Seeds and Dinafem’s Cheese XXL.

Both are absolutely great plants with very different characteristics indeed. People that try them love these varieties and can’t tell them apart from normal ‘photoperiod’ cannabis.

What is the best soil for autoflowering cannabis?

If you want to really get your hands dirty you can create your own super soil, see this thread on to find out more about that.

Care must be taken not to let the new seedling get into contact with the super soil, it’s normally put lower down at the bottom part of large pot that has less ‘hot’ or very strong soil in the top part where the plant first grows.

I generally buy a good potting soil from the garden centre and then amend it with worm castings, coco and add some perlite. I also use Biotabs (from 2 weeks after germination) and black strap molasses (for the flowering period.)

Can I just plant autoflowering cannabis on my window sill?

Autos growing on the window sill. Why not?  Image:DutchFem

Yes you can. As long as the window gets at least 4 to 6 hours of sun a day. Yields may not be huge but it can be a fun way to utilise a sunny part of your house and with practice and different strains you can optimise the process.

Growing this way you also avoid most problems with insects and other outdoor growing issues. Strength in numbers, perhaps. If you have a decent sized pots (ie above 10 litres) you should do OK.

For more information on growing see this guide to autoflowering cannabis.

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