Who are the best UK based Seedbanks in 2022? Check this out

Are you looking for a seedbank located in the UK?

There are quite a few websites out there right now, advertising UK Seedbanks, which are actually nothing of the sort.

A lot of these websites are pushing seed banks that are based in the EU, which means that your seeds are going to take longer to arrive as well as possibly incurring taxes, depending on who is sending them to you.

Let’s take a look at some seedbanks that are actually situated in the UK, as opposed to the Netherlands or Spain.

Who are the best UK Seedbanks?

This is a really hard call to make. As you may be aware Brexit has caused quite a kerfuffle in the UK, making it very difficult for many companies to import wholesale cannabis seeds from the EU.

As a result of this some seedbanks have relocated to within the EU to make their life easier, but this is not necessarily a good thing you the consumer.

So the landscape has changed but there are still plenty of uk based seed merchants that are able to offer you the highest quality service and products, that are actually dispatched from the UK as opposed to Spain or the Netherlands.

Here are 4 seed banks that are in the UK along with some basic information:

Best UK Seedbanks – Contents

  1. Sticky Seeds
  2. Discount Cannabis Seeds
  3. Grizzly Cannabis Seeds
  4. Gorilla Seedbank

1. Sticky Seeds

Sticky Seeds is an online cannabis seedbank that specialises on high-quality genetics. The site name ‘stickyseeds.com’ was established in 2014 and initially served as a weed blog, attracting visitors from all around the planet.

The website began as a pastime and focused on giving comprehensive information on hundreds of various cannabis genotypes.

At this time, Sticky Seeds offers over 150 distinct cannabis genotypes.

Sticky Seeds supplies cannabis seeds to over thirty countries worldwide.

They provides superior customer service via live chat and telephone as well as by email.

In January 2019, Sticky Seeds had a revamp and was transformed into a digital cannabis seeds store serving the entire world (where laws allowed, of course).

The shop soon established a reputation as the most economical source for high-quality cannabis genetics, allowing customers of every background to obtain the most sought-after genetics accessible.

Sticky Seeds has been the subject of several articles on numerous notable cannabis blogs and forums, including THCTalk, Rollitup, and THCFarmer.

With such great feedback, they have swiftly established themselves as one of the most reputable and good value cannabis seed banks in the UK.

Visit Sticky Seeds here.

2. Discount Cannabis Seeds

The aim of Discount Cannabis Seeds is to offer everyday cheap prices on an excellent selection of feminised, regular, autoflowering, and medical cannabis seeds from the world’s leading seed breeders.

Discount Cannabis Seeds was recently certified by cannabis professionals, CannaPro – the UK’s cannabis industry’s trade organisation.

CannaPro is the trade group representing the cannabis, CBD, and hemp industries in the United Kingdom.

CannaPro advocates for members’ interests and promotes the growth of the legal cannabis business to the authorities, including the Home Office, the MHRA, the FSA, and Trading Standards.

CannaPro members benefit from CLEAR’s extensive reach and influence with UK consumers. CLEAR is the UK’s longest-standing cannabis policy organisation, with a network that exceeds that of all other UK groups combined.

CannaPro certifies businesses based on their goods, trade standards, marketing, and behaviour.

Certified businesses will be able to display the CannaPro label as a symbol of their commitment to quality, integrity, and trustworthiness.

You can rely on Discount Cannabis Seeds for the greatest pricing and selection of cannabis seeds in the UK; following an examination by CannaPro, they hold this industry trade association’s accreditation.

Visit Discount Cannabis Seeds here.

3. Grizzly Cannabis Seeds

Grizzly have been operating in the UK for many years now and have built up an excellent reputation for their service, receiving many good reviews.

As well as accepting payment for your cannabis seeds by Visa and Mastercard, they also accept payments in various cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.

Grizzly have a significant selection of cannabis seeds for sale and also let you browse by useful categories such as beginners and cannabis cup winners.

A discreet shipping method is available for those who are worried about their privacy; if you select this option, the seeds will be removed from their original packing and properly labelled in little bags.

Only your name and address will be printed on the front the package. Shipments have no mention of Grizzly Seed Bank or the contents of the envelope.

Visit Grizzly Cannabis Seed here.

4. Gorilla Cannabis Seeds

Gorilla Seed Bank began as a single individual with a goal and a little bit of frustration. Alex had become tired of ordering cannabis seeds from other seed banks and being dissatisfied with what he received in th post.

Following years of purchasing from substandard seed banks he felt as though he’d exhausted his selections without discovering one he truly appreciated

As a result, he founded his own seed bank in March 2011. His company’s objective was to place a premium on high-quality items and customised service, and this is how the Gorilla Seedbank was founded.

Gorilla Seed Bank offers a diverse selection of seeds from a variety of breeders and brands. They provide strains for indoor, outdoor, and even greenhouse growth.

Gorilla offers both autoflowering and feminised seeds. They sell medicinal strains as well as high-THC indicas, sativas, and hybrids. One noteworthy exception is that, as of 2022, they do not appear to be selling any regular seeds.

Gorilla Seeds currently carries seeds from over 60 seed banks, including some of our favourites, such as Barney’s Farm, Ace Seeds, Big Buddha Seeds, DNA Genetics, Delicious Seeds, Dinafem, Dutch Passion, Green House Seeds, Nirvana Seeds, Paradise Seeds, Royal Queen Seeds, Serious Seeds, and Sensi Seeds.

They sell their own brand of Gorilla Genetics seeds in their shop and they do ship out of the UK. One top of that you can settle your order in Bitcoin to receive a whopping 17% discount.

Visit Gorilla Cannabis Seeds here.

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